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Kiss The Lonely Girl : an Erotic Tale.

  “Oh please harder!” I screamed as he pounded my pussy.   This was the release I needed. It has been a while since my divorce and it was taking far too long to find another “Mr. Right”, so I decided to settle for “Mr. Right Now” for the evening. He was a rough lover and that only made it better as he had me bent over fucking me from behind with his hand squeezing my throat. He would slap my ass once in a while and that brought me closer and closer to the brink of no return. I loved it! *** “Are you having fun?” Brian screamed over the boisterous voices and the loud Hip-Hop music. “Yes!” I yelled back continuing to slide my body against his. The lights were bright but I  didn't  care. I just wanted to have fun and forget about the awful way this night started. After my divorce to my slime bag of a husband 2 years ago, I have spent the past year going on several online dates. The men were never who they said they were or looked nothing like they said they looked.