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The Dominant Teacher: The Hired Submissive's story

Joshua Jasper dipped his head and brought his lips down to meet mine. It was obvious how hesitant he was to let himself kiss me. He didn’t want to be the aggressor. He wasn't raised this way. Some women in his life pushed him around so much that he feared what would happen if he demanded what he wanted from them. He was frightened of being a dominant figure in the bedroom. That’s where I come in. It was a new experience for him so I let it slide. It was only the first time. I had to let him know that women weren’t fragile creatures. We could handle the punishment and then beg for more. I want him to take control and I knew that with my coaching he would have me kneeling before him as the good little submissive that I needed to be. We kissed and I let him lead. His tongue gently swirled around mine. I let him do what he pleased until I became inpatient and showed him what needed to be done. My lust overtook me and I pulled him to me and unleashed a tirade of hungry k