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From the Short Story Anthology Insomnia What happenes when you can't sleep. Available on and Barnes& Red Eye     She kept staring at me and I tried to pretend that I don’t notice. I was just going to continue to pretend the way I had been pretending not to notice her subtle advances all night and all weekend. We have been playing this game for a while now.  Since the day I started working here, I have been trying to stay the good girl. I had been trying to pretend that when she licked her lips or stood with those short skirts at the printer, it did not turn me on or make me so wet. We sat in the airport waiting on our red eye flight. We were the “flight team”. We were hired to fly around and act as liaisons for the company. It required us to fly to one place and be back at the office the next morning sometimes. It was fine with me.  I always had trouble sleeping anyway.  I was happy to do something useful with my insomnia. I

My Top Ten Erotic Confessions: Naughty School Girl Addition

·          I was a pretty insatiable girl when I was growing up and I didn’t let a little thing called SCHOOL is stop.   Here is a list of naughty things I did in school.   1.        Once when I was in high school I slid a twizzler into my pussy and watched as my high school boyfriend ate it.               2.        I let a boy finger me under the table in the cafeteria while we all ate lunch.    3.        End of school year my senior year I snuck off campus to a boys house and played naked truth or dare with two boys and another girl.      4.        I lied to my parents about going to the movies with a boy to go back to his house so we could perform oral sex on each other. 5.        I was supplied with Porn magazines and Video tapes by a male friend of mine so I could masturbate to them. 6.        I snuck off school campus to meet up with my 24 yr. old boyfriend (I was 18 at the time) to have sex all lunch hour and 6 th period. 7.        I had s

My Brother's Keeper: The Betrayal

I taught my little brother everything he knew but that wasn’t enough.   He just had to have everything I had. It was always a competition with us, my little brother and me.   We used to fight over everything when I was little.   It used to annoy me that he always wanted what I had.   It wasn’t toys or snacks when we were little; it was a car, an apartment…a woman. It used to annoy me but eventually I was flattered.   He just wanted to be like me.   It didn’t get on my nerves so much after that.   In fact, I began to encourage him to hang out with me.   We used go out looking for girls together.   Of course I got to hook up with a lot of them, and my brother would end up with blue-balls for the night.   He didn’t like that I received all the attention very much.   It wasn’t my fault that he didn’t have the personality that went along with our families good looks.   Eventually we were able to put the childhood rivalry aside.   We began to get along so well until he wa

Top Ten People I secretly Want to Have Sex With

1.        My best friend in Indianapolis -           I used to wonder if she wanted me too. I was always too chicken to ask her. I may have missed out on something…   2.        My former boss.   -She was gorgeous and I always found myself fantasizing about tasting her and making her come in mouth. Never had a thing for blondes until I met her…   3.        My high school U.S. History Teacher -In high school I used to flirt with him all the time and always regretted not fucking him when I had the chance.   4.        My brother’s best friend. -My brother hated that we had a thing but I never had the opportunity to fuck him the way that I wanted to.   5.        My husband’s former boss. -Kept this one a secret for a long time.   I didn’t want my husband to feel uncomfortable. It would have been weird knowing that your wife wanted to fuck your boss.   6.        My older sister’s Boyfriend. -I know that she would kill me if she knew that

My Brother's keeper: my night with his wife... PART 2

“Aren’t you going to fuck me?” She asked. “Oh, without a doubt.” I answered. But first I wanted to tease her a little. I instructed her to lie on her back.   She obeyed slowly turning over and spreading her legs wide so that I could get a good view of her drenched pussy.     I climbed back on top of her and kissed her softly on the lips.   Then I claimed them as my own capturing her tongue and fully tasting her once again.   I kissed down her neck making a path to her soft and succulent breasts. I licked and sucked on them as I let my hand trail down her body until it reached her hot and sticky center.   I played with her there hoping to drive her wild.   She dug her fingernails into my shoulders at an attempt to hold onto some kind of control. “Oh you make me feel so good,” she said. “Your brother never made me feel this way.” I didn’t want to think about my brother right now.   Not while I was in the position to fuck his wife. I was distracted for a second.   I p