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The Dominant Teacher: The Hired Submissive's story

"Hidden Truth" will be back Next Week. For now, here is a story I blogged before.  The Dominant Teacher: The Hired Submissive's story Joshua Jasper dipped his head and brought his lips down to meet mine. It was obvious how hesitant he was to let himself kiss me. He didn’t want to be the aggressor. He was raised this way. Some women in his life pushed him around so much that he feared what would happen if he demanded what he wanted from them. He was frightened of being a dominant figure in the bedroom. That’s where I come in. It was a new experience for him so I let it slide. It was only the first time. I had to let him know that women weren’t fragile creatures. We could handle the punishment and then beg for more. I want him to take control and I knew that with my coaching he would have me kneeling before him as the good little submissive that I needed to be. We kissed and I let him lead. His tongue gently swirled around mine. I let him do what he pleased

Hidden Truth : Part 5 Space

“Oh,” I moaned burying my face into a pillow as I came hard. My hands gripped the sheets as Rocco continued to pound me from behind. His hands moved my hair to the side and his fingers wrapped around my neck for leverage. Suddenly he stopped and released my neck from his grip. “I want to come in your mouth,” he said rolling over onto his back. I climbed on top of him and placed my lips on his. We kissed letting our tongues play. I moved back and let my kisses trail down his neck then down his chest. My tongue drew circles around his nipples and then down his body. My hands ran up and down his legs teasing him. They came close to his erection then moved away. I could feel his body tense every time I came close to his hard dick. Finally my mouth reached his hardened and aroused member. I opened my mouth and took him deep inside. “Oh Shit!” he exclaimed. I slowly stroked him with my mouth while letting my tongue do some of the work. His hand came up to my head and he ran his

Hidden Truth: Part 4 Unanswered

“Did I tell you how amazing you look tonight?” Rocco asked. I looked up from my plate to catch him staring at me. His gaze dripped with lust and a carnal desire that I also felt pulsing through my veins. I tried not to let my desire get to me. I wanted this date to be different than the others. For the past four months our only encounters were at my place for sex. He would drop by late at night after work or for lunch when he wanted a quickie. There has been nothing substantial but tonight I planned to change that. I wanted to engage him in conversation about our lives and try to get to know him better. I knew I was feeling things for him I didn’t want to feel. I found myself thinking about him often wanting more than just a sexual relationship. I had no idea if he wanted the same. I planned to find out. That is why I insisted he take me out on a real date. He obliged and took me to a small quiet restaurant downtown. Mario’s was the name and they served some of the best Italia

Hidden Truth -Part 3 Gym Flow

“If you see him I don’t think he will talk to you. You really pissed him off.” Jake said. Jake was my friend Taylor’s boyfriend. Apparently he worked with Rocco and was the reason I met him in the first place. He invited him to the party hoping he would find a girl to have some fun with. I decided he would be the best person to help me reach out to Rocco. I wanted Rocco’s whereabouts. He seemed reluctant to tell me anything. His arms were crossed and he wouldn’t look me in the eye. “Just tell me where I can find him?” I said. “I just want to apologize.” He sighed. “Can’t you just call him?” I shook my head. “He won’t answer my calls.” Jake sighed. “Jake,” Taylor said. “Just tell her where to find him.” With Tracey’s help, he informed me Saturdays was one of Rocco’s major workout days.  “You can find Rocco working out at “Body Shape Goldman’s 19 Gym and Nutritional Center,” Jake said. I knew that place. It was a well known gym and catered only to the high end cl