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Dark Beauty: My Lesbian Affair (Part 2)

The sensation she was causing throughout my body was driving me insane.She had her knee against my pussy grinding into me while continuing to grind her pussy against my leg.
She then moved and dived back between my legs and stroked my pussy with her tongue.I grabbed a handful of her hair trying not to lose control.
When it seemed as if I was going to come she stopped and looked at me.
“I have something for you.”
She leaped from the bed and ran out of my room before I had time to ask her questions.I sat up on my elbows trying to figure out what just happened. After a few seconds she ran back into the room waving something that looked like a wobbly rubber wand.
“What is that?” I asked.
She was starting to make me nervous
“This, my dear, is a double sided dildo.” She said proudly.
I had never seen one before and I was not sure what she planned to do with it.
She climbed back on the bed sitting the double sided dildo down next to me.
“We can have some fun with that in a minute, but first…” she sa…

My Top Ten Erotic Bucket List

1.I want to be tied to a bed and have my pussy eaten.

2.I want to be having an all-out dirty orgy with a group of people.
 3.I want to have a Foursome with my hubby and two of my favorite sexy people.
4.I want to masturbate while a group of people watch.
5.I want to be more of an exhibitionist.
6.I want to have anal sex for the first time.

7.I want to have sex on the beach…with multiple people.
    8.I want to experience Double Penetration…just the thought and I am instantly getting wet.

9.I want to have a three-some with two women
10.I want to have to have sex with other women that can squirt and have them squirt all over me.

Dark Beauty: My lesbian affair

It was lust at first sight for me even though I didn’t realize it at first.The moment I laid eyes on her I believe she had me hooked.Her long lean legs were one of the first things that caught my eye. Whenever I was around her I would get anxious and hot all over.It unnerved me to know that she could make me feel this way. What also intrigued me was the knowledge that she was a lesbian.I could not stop thinking that she preferred the comfort and sex of another woman. I have to say I was much more curious than I liked to admit.I loved having sex with men.There was no one in hell I was giving up a nice hard dick.Yet, I was still very curious. I had always wondered what it would feel like to make love to another woman. I hid this about me from her.Though I suspected that she knew more than I thought she knew. We met by chance in a night club where we were both there with our dates.I watched from our table as she grinded on her girlfriend and for a second I wished that she was grinding on me.…

Top Ten Dirty Things People Want to do to me

There are quite a few peole that have requested to do some very dirty, very nasty things to me.  Here are a few that I would love to climb right into....

1. Bend me over with my ass in the air and fuck my virgin asshole

2. Lay my naked body across their lap and spank me.

3. Want to fuck my face and make me gag on their dick.

4. Smother my face in their pussy.

5. Want to fuck me with a Strap-On

6.  Want to squeeze my chocolate breasst with one hand as they finger my wet pussy with the other.

7. They want to finger fuck my G-Spot until I squirt all over them.

8. They want to fuck me while they finger my asshole. 

9. They want to eat whipped cream off my wet pussy.

10. Fuck my ass with a dildo while I gag on her husbands hard cock.

Threesomes and the Married Couple: Is it wise to engage?

Because I am an erotic/erotic romance writer I have so many people, who would not have prior to my books or short stories, asking me questions about quite a few sexual matters.
Recently I had a friend of mine ask me about Threesomes.
She wanted to know was it wise to have a threesome when you are married.We wondered could it break up her marriage.
Writing erotica does not make me an expert on sex and relationships yet I do have a few opinions on the matter.
First things first: If you have to wonder if it will break up your marriage, then I do not think you are ready to have a threesome.
I acknowledge that the decision to have a third party come into your marriage in a sexual capacity is not a decision to be made lightly.
Though we love to succumb to our sexual fantasies as much as we possibly can, we know that the most important thing to us is our marriage and our family.We would never engage in anything that would jeopardize that.
In the beginning of my marriage, it would never have been s…

The Naughty Chiropractor and his Erotic Adjustments: part 2

I licked and sucked on his balls gently at first and then hungrily.His fingers were lost in my hair as I serviced him.I was hungry for him and the taste of him in my mouth was driving me insane. I’m sure my pussy was gushing juices. I could feel myself so wet.
I pulled back for air and he ordered me to stand.I obeyed and stood in front of the table. Staring at me he began to remove his clothes.He removed each article of clothing slowly and proceeded to neatly fold them and place them in the chair near the table.
“Now beautiful, let’s take care of your clothes.”
He helped me take off my clothes and folded them the same way he folded his and placed them in the chair.I thought it was a little strange but I ignored it focusing on the wonderful things I could do with the large erection before me. I licked my lips anticipating when I could get back to servicing him.
Instead he began to walk circles around me.It felt as if he was inspecting my body.It made me slightly self-conscious until he loo…

My Top Ten Sexiest Short Stories


The Naughty Chiropractor and his Erotic Adjustments...

I sit in the lobby waiting to be called back to meet the Chiropractor.I was sent here by my husband after my car accident a few days ago.My car was hit by an elderly woman late afternoon as I was driving home from work.I was reluctant to go to a hospital thinking I was ok but a couple of days later I awoke in pain. My neck and back were killing me.
So now I am sitting here in the lobby waiting to be seen.One of the staff walks through the door and motions for me to follow her.She leads me into a room surrounded by hurt people ad these weird looking machines. We walk past those and she leads me into the office that I presume belongs to the Chiropractor and she leaves me there to wait for him.
His office was very sterile with white walls and gray furniture.The walls were naked except for a couple of diplomas.There were no pictures of himself, family or friends on his desk or anywhere else in the room.
It took a few minutes before the door finally opened and in walked the doctor.One second …

Top Ten Erotic Things I did during the 4th of July Celebrations

Somehow on Independence Day, I am never enjoying the fireworks.For some reason I was always off somewhere during some dirty and filthy things.The good girl was always being bad on the 4th of July.
Here are a few of the things I’ve done that I would like to share with you.
1.Had sex in the back of the car while my family watched the fireworks
2.Skinny dipped and had sex in my aunt’s pool while my parents and siblings watched fireworks next door.
3.Had my pussy eaten by my brother’s best friend in my bedroom while everyone watched the fireworks outside.
4.Had sex on the sliding board at the nearby elementary at the neighborhood BBQ.
5.Gave a boy a blow job in the bathroom of a community park where people were having picnics.
6.Made out with my first girl in her room while her Dad and my Dad were in the back grilling.
7.Gave my best friend’s brother a blowjob in their RV in the backyard.
8.Had sex in my aunt’s neighbor’s garage while we visited her in Houston, Texas.