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One Night Stand Chronicles : Diana

Diana My boss invited me and a few other co-workers up to his cabin with his family. He urged us there would be room for us and our husband and wives. Of course I have neither so I came alone knowing that being there alone would be a very awkward and bad idea.  The problem would come because I had a mad lust crush on his daughter Diana. She was 19 and a little birdie told me she was nicknamed “Dirty Diana”.  I knew being under the same roof as she was would be a very bad idea. Everyone arrived ready to get our vacation started. And yes, Diana was here looking as sexy as sexy as everyone I knew described. She was tall with perfect dark skin.  She was wearing a flowing ankle length black skirt with a white and black checkered tube top. Her hair was naturally curly as it flowed down her cheeks. Her eyes were beautifully large and innocent. I tried not to stare but I could not help it. I don’t think I have ever seen a woman so beautiful and yet I wasn’t interested in a relatio