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Insomnia What happens when you can’t sleep? Ever wonder what some people can be capable of if they couldn’t get any sleep? Could they kill their sexually abusive husbands, sleep with their best friend’s boyfriend, make love to their husbands son, indulge in lesbian exploits with their husbands sister, or get down and dirty with the preacher’s wife? No sleep can make some people do some crazy things and this short story anthology delves into the lives of people whose guilt, deceptions and addictions keep them awake at night.   They all hope that one day they can put the pieces of their lives back together…that is – if they could only get some sleep. Written and compiled by the new and upcoming erotic author Donnée Patrese, these steamy stories will excite and tantalize you.   They reach into the sexually charged lives of men and women of all races, ages and sexual orientations that leave you begging for more. There is only one thing left to ask yourself…What do yo


“Alone” is from my new erotic Short Story Anthology... Insomnia What happens when you can't sleep? I stare at the clock.   3:45 am. I roll over and my hand reaches out feeling the cold side of the empty spot in the bed next to me.   I hated being alone.   I could never sleep when I was alone.   I told him that the very first time he left me in this big house by myself.   What did he expect me to do all alone?   He claimed he didn’t realize that he would have to travel so much when he took this promotion.   Not only did he have to travel but we had to move all the way here in the middle of nowhere.   He saw it as a good thing.   It brought us into the same town that his brother lived and near his son in college. I was not moved.   The thought of moving closer to my new in-laws was not a good thing for me.   During the day, I made the most of it, at night I was always finding it very difficult to sleep. Lately I have been finding ways to entertain myself d

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr!

Today I dedicate my blog to Martin Luther King Jr.  an amazing man.  Because of him, my kids can dream big.  They can dream to be whatever they want to be and now they can even dream to be the President of the United States and know that it is possible.  I am grateful for what black people before me have done to make my life better.  I am forever thankful and grateful what they have done and sacrificed for us.  We have come a long way but I know that we still have a ways to go.  Yet, i am hopeful that we will continue to progress and truly live as loving and equal human beings. Here are some quotes from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. A lie cannot live. A man can't ride your back unless it's bent. A man who won't die for something is not fit to live. A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.

Urban Erotica: Is it because I’m black?

In the wake of the new movie directed by Anthony Hemingway, from a screenplay by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder and produced by G e orge Lucas called Red Tails that depicts the life and the extraordinary heroism of the Tuskegee Airmen starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr., I have been thinking about a few things. I heard that Hollywood did not want to produce the movie because they were not sure how to market it.   They consider a movie that stars black people to be a black only movie.   I even found out that they will not even market those types of movies overseas because they think other countries will not like them. I could not believe that! It made me think about my situation. I was sitting around with my cousin and we were talking about marketing my book.   I was telling him that I felt like my book should be read by everyone.   No matter the race.   I felt that my audience was not limited to any particular race but I acknowledged that it would mainly involve wo

The Trio

It doesn’t happen all the time.   Sometimes our searches come up with nothing.   Then there are those rare occasions. It rarely happens for us, but when it does its like magic.   When we find that special person to fulfill our needs we cannot help ourselves.   We just have to. We spotted him one night coming out of a 24 hour opened diner. He was tall and rather average in his looks and stature.   To a mortal, he would be considered nothing special. He was plain and boring. He was an accountant and lived a normal boring life just like the rest of the mortal masses.   We knew different. He was right for us in so many different ways.   He was not very tall and his puny frame left much to be desired. Deep down, he repulsed me.   He was perfect for us, but I dare not touch him.   Fortunately he was not for me. He seemed like a man that has never had a good fuck in his life.   We knew. We were watching. We watched him for months coming home every night.   He was so predic

eBook or Print…which do you prefer?

In this technological world there are more and more of my friends with Kindles, Nooks and eReaders.   They are getting rid of their books in print and opting to only own eBooks. There is a constant struggle in my house between my husband and I.   I have bookshelves full of books and so do my children.   I have been an avid reader all my life and I just love books.   I have book from college that I refused to sell back.   I even own the very first romance book I read sitting perfectly on my shelf. My husband thinks that I have too many books.   He has been on me to condense my book collection and just keep only the essential. But, I felt like every book on my shelf was essential and I did not think that I could part with any book. I tried to condense my books but I still had quite a few and I was sure that I was not done buying books. I thought that it would be a good idea that I get an eReader.   I really wanted something that would stifle my print book purchasing and I h