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I dreamed of sex with another I gay?


It's About Time : an erotic tale

“Sit on my face.” He demanded I  didn't  hesitate.  I clumsily took off my underwear. I climbed over his head and placed my let my pussy hover over his face. Slowly I lowered my body until his tongue made contact. The first contact was always the best as his tongue glided up and down from my tight juicy wet hole and back again. “Oh” I moaned with pleasure as his hands gripped my ass taking time to perform magic tricks on my pussy. I held on to the headboard trying not to suffocate him. We were that way for a while and nothing was happening. I was getting so frustrated. After 20 minutes I  didn't  think that I could come. My mind was somewhere else. What do I need to this week? Do we have enough Laundry detergent for laundry? The car needs an oil change. I need to buy groceries. These thoughts lately have clouded my mind stopping me from having an amazing orgasm like I deserve. I needed to clear my mind and focus on the pleasure.  Ten more minutes I gave up.