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One Night Stand Chronicles - Ashley

In the beginning there was me, not what you would expect as a Lothario, Jesse Henry.  My dad thought I was gay when I was a teenager because he never saw me go on a date or have a girlfriend. I just let him believe that so he would get off my back.  My mom tried to set me up but it never worked into anything with those girls.  They were worried. My dad worried that his only son was gay and my mom wished I were gay and not some weird recluse. Now,  I am 35 and I have already had sex with over 40 women. That may not sound like a lot to you but for someone with my background…it’s a substantial number. I grew up as a glasses wearing nerd that didn’t lose his virginity until he was 18.  I was terrified of getting close to women. I was sure that they would take one look at my 6 foot tall lanky frame, covered in lame clothes, with a bad case of acne and would run as fast as they could.  As you can see my self esteem was really low and so I avoided dates, prom and sex until I was 18. Ho

Excerpt from "Prohibited II: Illicit Affairs"

“Now that the boy is asleep. What kind of trouble can we get into?” I asked leading her down the hallway to my bedroom. She laughed. “I think you already have something in mind. Yet, hold your horses’ cowboy. We need to talk. I came here so that we could talk.” She said hands on her hips with one eyebrow raised. She wanted me to think she was serious but I could see the smile in her eyes. I moved closer to her removing her hands from her hips and placing them around my neck.  “I want to fuck you. If you want to talk, you can talk only after I fuck you senseless.  It has been too long since I last had you in my bed and I have been obsessing over the moment when you came back to me and I get to taste your sweet pussy.  Then, I’m going to fuck you. Is that clear?” I whispered so Mitchell wouldn’t hear me. She smiled. “I didn’t say we couldn’t fuck. You think you are the only one that has missed feeling you inside of me. Oh, please do fuck me. Then we talk.” I laughed. Just