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The Desperation of a Housewife continues...Part 3

Frozen in place it took us few seconds before we could move.   It felt like an eternity.   He recovered quicker than I could and pulled up his boxers and then his pants.   I grabbed the nearest set of blankets and threw them over my body.   He was very calm when he approached her and got on one knee making sure he was eye level with her. “What’s the matter sweetie?   What do you want?” She looked at me and then back at her daddy.   “I just wanted something to drink.” She was close to tears and I could tell that her little brain was trying to comprehend what she just saw. He gave her a big hug and escorted her out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen.   I used the opportunity to get dressed, yet I didn’t leave the room.   I waited for him to return panicked out of my mind.   What if she relates what she saw to her mother? Her mother was already suspicious of her father and though she may not get the story straight, I’m sure the little girl can remembe

The Desperation a Housewife continues...(Part 2)

But, we were not as good at keeping secrets as we thought…   One day I went over for a visit and he seemed a little distraught.   I sent the kids outside to play so we could have some privacy and I could get down to what was really bothering him.   I asked him what was wrong and he said he that his wife is on to us.   I was horrified.   I thought we were doing a good job at hiding our affair. He said that one time when we were having sex we left a condom wrapper in the room and it fell under the bed. His wife in her usual cleaning routine found the wrapper and confronted him. I could not believe that we were so careless. According to him he denied an affair and that he had ever cheated but it did nothing to ease her suspicions of him.   He wasn’t sure if we should keep having sex. By this point I was too far gone and could not imagine not having him touch me anymore.   I did not want to end our affair. I had to convince him that it would be fine if we continu

The Curse (or Blessing) of having Big Breasts

Me: “You keep staring at that ladies ass.” Husband: “Well, it’s huge! I can’t take my eyes off it.” Me: “You’re always staring at women with big asses.” Husband: “Not always. Just when they are that big.” He said motioning toward the woman. Me: “Are you saying you’re a butt man?” Husband: (turning and looking at me with raising an eyebrow.) “Look at yourself. Do I look like an ass man?”   He had a point.   If anyone saw me they would definitely know that my hubby was a breast man.   They will notice that my breasts enter the room before the rest of me does.   Big breasts run in my family and there was no way I was getting around getting them. When I started to grow them in the second grade I was miserable and embarrassed.   There were not that many girls my age getting breasts at that time.   It didn’t get any easier for me when I reached nmiddle school and the boys’ hormones were raging and they could not get enough of the little girl in their class th

The Desperation of a Housewife (part 1)

A woman just wants to feel sexy.   We have needs.   My desire to feel sexy and satisfy led to the trouble that I am in now. I never meant to have an affair.   It just sort of happened that way.   If I had known things would turn out this way and people would get hurt, I would have stayed away from him.   If I had known it would change my life and turn me into someone I didn’t recognize, I would have kept moving and not have looked his was way. It didn’t happen until my husband and our small nuclear family moved across the country to further his career.   It was not that I didn’t want to move.   I actually thought it was a good opportunity for us. It became a problem for me when my husband started to pay more attention to his job than to me. He didn’t want me physically anymore though I am sure he still loved me.   I still loved him. I never intended to cheat.   It wasn’t my plan. I just needed to feel something for a change.   I needed to feel sexy. I