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Gym Flow : An erotic tale

“If you see him I don’t think he will talk to you. You really pissed him off.” Jake said. Jake was my friend Taylor’s boyfriend. Apparently he worked with Rocco and was the reason I met him in the first place. He invited him to the party hoping he would find a girl to have some fun with. I decided he would be the best person to help me reach out to Rocco. I wanted Rocco’s whereabouts. He seemed reluctant to tell me anything. His arms were crossed and he wouldn’t look me in the eye. “Just tell me where I can find him?” I said. “I just want to apologize.” He sighed. “Can’t you just call him?” I shook my head. “He won’t answer my calls.” Jake sighed. “Jake,” Tracey said. “Just tell her where to find him.” With Tracey’s help,  he informed me Saturdays  was one of Rocco’s major workout days.  You can find Rocco working out at “Body Shape Goldman’s 19 Gym and Nutritional Center”. I knew that place. It was a well known gym and catered only to the high end clients. The r