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Top Ten HOTTEST Quotes from my novel

  1.    “I did not have to wonder for long as Selena moved her hands under my dress and rubbed my pussy through my panties.”   2.    “Selena slid her fingers down and found my wetness soaking through my panties.”   3.    “I spread my legs and began to gently push two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy.” 4.    “I could feel him getting harder and harder in my mouth.” 5.    “I was drenched and he just slid right into my dripping pussy. 6.    “I just kept thinking about sucking his dick and making him come in my mouth. He could be reciting satanic chants and I wouldn’t know the damn difference right now.” 7.    “She pulled her fingers out for the last time and licked off my juices. Then she kissed me deeply.” 8.    “I could taste myself. I liked it.”  9.    “Before I could talk myself out of it, I bent down and plunged tongue first into her pussy. I licked and sucked to the best of my ability.” 10.   “She came hard and my mouth was filled

Sex in Uncomfortable Places: My Memorial Day Tale

When I think of Memorial Day I don’t immediately think about BBQ’s and picnics.   I may take the time out to remember veterans and those that we lost, but that is not all that’s on my mind.   What sticks out in my mind for the past four years is the amazing sex my husband and I had on that holiday on year in 2007 that resulted in the creation of my 4 yr old daughter.   Yep. Our 4 yr old princess Diva was created on Memorial Day 2007 in my mother in law’s spare bedroom. Now you must understand that my husband has a habit of trying to get me to have sex in the most uncomfortable places and situations. Some included, In the back of his cutlass, in the movie theater, in my parents’ house, in the driveway underneath our kids window and behind a Wal-Mart.   He discovered that one such place was in his mother’s residence.   My nervousness will having sex with his mother in the vicinity stemmed from 2 events. (1.) The first time she met me she almost caught me giving her son a bl

The Foursome: The Conclusion

    Her tongue was warm as she devoured my pussy.  The only thing I could do was focus on the intense pleasure I was feeling.  After a minute, I realized that a woman was eating my pussy.  This was another thing that I had never experienced before.  Just the thought of her and her tongue lapping up the juices from my cunt and occasionally grazing my pulsating ass hole sent me over the edge.  I cried out collapsing on the bed trembling with my orgasm.  My husband saw it as his opportunity to take her place.  He gently moved her out of the way.  I gripped the sheets as he entered me. My legs were like jelly so I couldn’t help much at the moment.  As my husband pounded me, her husband laid her on the bed with her legs spread.  He entered her missionary style and began to pound her pussy.  She and I were close enough to kiss and is what we did as our husbands pounded our tight and wet holes. Suddenly my husband pulled out and her husband followed his lead.  Again my husband’

My Top Ten Sexual Fantasies

1.         Having sex in a public place. 2.        To have an orgy (more than 4 people) 3.        To have a threesome with two women 4.        To have a threesome with two men 5.        To have a one night stand with a stranger 6.        To watch another couple have sex. 7.        To have someone watch me have sex 8.        To have a stranger watch me masturbate 9.        To be spanked while giving a man a blow job 10.    To be dominated by a woman.

Prohibited: Inside Maria, the lesbian

“She began to grind her thigh against my pussy. I felt so much pleasure I could not believe that I was so close to coming.” ~Maria, “ Prohibited” At some point in a person’s life they may struggle with something. When we are young we struggle with finding ourselves and discovering who it was it are meant to be. When we are older, finding out that you are something you never thought you were or could possibly be can be disturbing. In my first novel Prohibited my character Maria struggles with the fact that she has been married for 25 years and has begun to lose her attraction to her husband. In turn, she has discovered that she is sexually attracted to women and her best friend Selena.   “She pulled her fingers out for the last time and licked off my juices. Then she kissed me deeply. I could taste myself. I liked it.” She tries to hide and fight her emotions. The fight seemed to be futile when her thirst to be with another woman increases and she finds

The Foursome: Part 2

“Can we join in?” She asked I nodded my head and sat up on the bed.  I looked over at the other side of the bed and my husband was standing there stroking his dick.  Her husband sat up climbing off the bed. He pulled her against his body and they kissed. His fingers tangled in her hair and I was mesmerized watching these two beautiful people stroke and caress each other.  Before I could get too far gone, my husband climbed onto the bed and we began to kiss. We lay back on the bed and his hands came up to squeeze my large chocolate mounds.  His lips left mine and found my breasts. His warm lips wrapped round my nipples as his tongue drew circles around it.  While my husband pleasured me, her husband had broken away from her and climbed on the bed with my husband and I. I guess his “fantasy” had gotten the best of him.  He bent down and placed his lips on mine. We kissed and I tasted him for the second time.  My husband moved from my breasts and his warmth was replaced by

Top Ten Ways to Get Me in the Mood

1.        Get me drunk -           For some reason alcohol makes me horny. 2.        A nice back massage -           Always makes me tingly down there.   I’ll never tell my masseuse that… 3.        Dirty talk -           I love it when a man (or woman)   talks dirty to me 4.        Erotic novels -           So you can imagine how horny I get writing them. 5.        Kissing -           I love to kiss all the time. 6.        Porn -           I’m pretty sure it’s obvious why I get turned on by this. 7.        Being told what to do -           I love to be submissive. 8.        Hot baths. -           I always end up touching myself… 9.        Foot massage - I’m a Pisces so my feet are very sensitive. 10.    Lace -           It makes me feel so sexy and that always turns me on. I have quite a few lacy things.

The Foursome

Her eyes were what caught my eye.   I could not help but to stare as we all sat talking. I hope I was not making her feel as uncomfortable as I was feeling at the moment. Her husband’s arm was around her shoulders protectively as he made small talk with my husband. I looked over at my husband and I sensed he was just as nervous as I was though he was able to keep up the conversation.   This was the first time we had an encounter like this. It was a chance encounter that we thought would not happen for us in a million years.   We met them at a club. For some reason we were drawn to them and they were just as drawn to us.   We ended up dancing and having a few drinks with them. We really enjoyed their company and exchanged numbers agreeing that we should meet up for drinks someday. Well that day came and over drinks they shocked us by confessing that they wanted to have a foursome with us. Apparently they were swingers and really wanted to jump into bed with us.   “My husband

Top Ten Erotic Confessions: Part 2

1.        I like to sleep naked. 2.        Women turn me on as much as men. 3.        I have a weakness for older white men.    4.        I’m a kissing whore. I just love to kiss men…and women    5.        I have a fascination with touching myself.    6.        I like it when my husband kisses me after he just finishes licking me into oblivion.    7.        I have a secret voyeuristic fetish 8.        I love being dominated by my husband. 9.        I am incredible at giving oral sex 10.    I get incredibly horny with Alcohol. (It doesn’t help that I’m a lightweight.)

The Erotic Husband

(The husband sits looking at me) Me: “What are you looking at?” The husband: “You.” Me: “Why?” The husband: “Just wondering how long its gonna take you to jump on this dick.” Me (smiling):” Why are you always so vulgar?” He looks at me one eyebrow raised The Husband: “Have you read one of your novels? I’m the vulgar one?” Since I published my first erotic novel and began this blog, my friends and family have assumed that I am the kinky one, that I am the insatiably freaky one in our marriage.   I have been asked questions like: “Your husband let you write stuff like that?” “He lets you put that stuff in your blog?” or my favorite: “Does your husband know how freaky you are? Yes, that was the funniest shit I had ever heard. Really? Really? You think he does not know how freaky I am? I am almost certain that lying behind (or on top, or underneath) every kinky freaky wife, there is a kinky freaky husband and out marriage is no different. Although I am fr

My Erotic Marriage: Part II

It was late but neither of us could sleep. We were sitting in bed as we usually do. He’s watching Sports Center on ESPN and I’m writing. After a few moments he looked at me. I could feel his eyes on me. “So, you’ve been kind of moody lately.” I looked up at him with one eyebrow raised. “And?” He turned to me and in the process he put the TV on mute. “I just want to know if you are on your period.” I laughed. “Umm, No.” He tossed the remote to the end of the bed. “Good, because I am horny as fuck!” I laughed as he climbed on top of me. I placed my hand on his chest as his lips made contact with mine. Our tongues danced circles around each others. He pulled back and I breathed in deeply as his tongue made a path across my neck and down my collarbone. His hands travelled down my body and settled on the moist goodness hiding in my panties. I moaned softly as his fingers snuck inside sliding across the slippery surface of my clit. “Oh…” I moaned.

Top Ten Sexiest Parts of my Body.

By now you know that I think I am pretty damn hot! Here are the sexiest parts of my body that even I find so fucking irresistible. 1.        My Legs 2.        My breasts 3.        My ass 4.        My feet 5.        My eyelashes 6.        My lips 7.        My eyes 8.        My hands 9. My thighs 10. My Heart