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One Night Stand Chronicles - Courtney

Courtney I had never fucked a white girl before. I was under the impression that white girls weren’t attractive to me.  I was on the shorter side and light skin.  Most white girls I saw went for the tall dark and handsome black guys or just plain tall.  I was neither so I just kept to my usual black, Hispanic and Asian girls.  Well, apparently I was wrong.  Black dick is black dick and there was this short red head that wanted some of mine.  She was the daughter of a friend of my dad’s and I only met her a couple of times when I would come home and visit the family for the holidays and in the summer.  My dad always had  Barbecues  and invited everyone he knew. So my dads friend would d bring his daughter Courtney. She was 5’5” with curly red hair. She didn’t have much of an ass, however, what she lacked in ass she made up  in breast.  That is what caught my eye every time I showed up. I never really talked to her just stared her down until she looked at me.  Whenever we m

One Night Stand Chronicles - Belinda

Belinda By the time I went to college, I had watched enough porn to make my next experience better. Yet, I am not sure anyone would have been ready for Belinda. Belinda was a mean bitch. She always had something mean to say about other people. When my group got together, she would always take small digs at everyone. I would dream of shutting her up by sticking my dick in her mouth.  Actually, I wanted to do much more than that.  She was a short spitfire with an hourglass figure and breasts that made your mouth water. Her family came to the United States from Costa Rica and she carried herself with an aura of high maintenance and self-importance. That’s probably why she was a bitch. She was gorgeous and she knew it. My senior year in college she joined our group as a transfer.  She seemed very nice at first. Then she turned into this little tiny bitchy monster. At least that is what the other women in the group said.  Her bitchy ways didn’t bother me when we decided to go o

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