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Hidden Truth: Part 8 Apologies

  I sat at my kitchen counter and stared at the clear glass vase full of roses. A dozen red roses to be exact. They filled my kitchen with a beautiful fragrance but my heart was still hardened at the sender. I didn’t need to look at the card to know who sent them. Rocco was the only one that needed my forgiveness. After last week’s encounter with his brother and his complete dismissal of me, I have refused to talk to him. I should have listened to my conscience. I knew he wasn’t that in to me. He just told me whatever I wanted to hear just to get me in bed. I was a fool to think he would want anything more. I grabbed the vase and walked it over to the windowsill. I placed it next to the six other vases of flowers sent by him. I removed the two vases with dying flowers and trashed them. I put the vases in the sink and made my way into the living room. It was Saturday and my intent was to watch TV in my pajamas and wallow in my own self pity. My phone rang on the coffee table and