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One In Each opening: The Conclusion

    He placed a kiss on my lips.  It was soft and sensual but held a since of danger in the way his hand touched me throat as his tongue found mine.     Then he instructed me to ride him.  I didn’t hesitate to climb onto his dick easing it in slowly so that I could feel every inch as it went inside of me.  I was so tight and he moaned in response as my pussy wall wrapped around his hard dick.      The other two men watched us until they just couldn’t watch any longer. Jeff stood and climbed on the bed.  I felt his hand on my back and he pushed down until I was chest to chest with my husband.      I knew what he wanted and pussy began to leak in response.  I felt more lube being applied to my asshole all the while my husband continued to fuck my pussy.      I felt his large dick feel my asshole once again. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before.  My pussy bounced on my husband’s dick as his best friend fucked my asshole.      My body, still weak from my orgasm, st

Top Ten Things That Keep Me Up At Night

1. My own kinky thoughts 2. My husband’s hard dick ready for action. 3. Midnight phone sex calls. 4. My throbbing clit. 5. Erotic Cinemax movies 6. Late night sex Skyping with sexual friends. 7. Masturbating to sexually charged books. 8. All Night massages by a special female friend. 9. Sexy conversations on Twitter. 10. Midnight movie showings accompanied by Oral Sex in the dark theater. *Want to know what keeps others up at night? Read Insomnia: What happens whe you can't sleep   On Amazon and Barnes and Noble .

Childhood and SEX: My Erotic Beginnings

    I took my 11 year old, who will be 12 soon, to her Pediatrician for a check up.  During the check up her doctor informed me that it was time I had “The Talk” with her. He said I might be surprised that girls her age are engaging in sexual acts.     I cringed that girls that young were having sex and felt punched in the gut at the thought of sitting down and talking to her about sex.      I look at her and I think she is still too young and too innocent for me to talk to her about that.  I’m afraid that if I talk to her about it, maybe it might make her more curious and actually try to have sex.     Then, I got to thinking about how I was at her age and where I was in my sexual experience…     My first kiss was when I was 5 year old with the little boy that lived next door.     I was in the second grade the first time I tongue kissed a boy behind the elementary school at recess.     I was eight years old when I masturbated for the first time.     Needless to say I was a child ver

One in Each Opening: Story of my fantasy come true. PART 2

 My husband just sat there watching the action unfolding before him.   I could see him sitting in a chair in my line of site stroking his cock.  He looked so turned on to see the two men pleasuring me.  It suddenly dawned on me.  This must have been a fantasy come true for him as well!  Mike stopped sucking on my breasts to place a long and sensuous kiss on my lips. Jeff continued to eat my pussy barely coming up for air.     Then without warning my husband put a stop to it all.  He ordered all of us off the bed.    The three men stood in a circle with me in the middle.  All three were erect just waiting for me to pleasure them.     I had never been in this position before and I didn’t know who I should start with first. I decided it would be safer to start with my husband.    I took his large dark dick into my mouth.  His hand instinctively came to my head and I slid his hard shaft in and out of my mouth making sure I was getting it nice and wet.    He moaned grabbing a head

The Sexy Erotic housewife Checks In

It has been almost a year since I quit my full time 9-5 job to stay home with my kids and do what I love to do the most…to write. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on how lucky I feel right now.  I know that at times staying home has been stressful. I rarely get enough sleep trying to move across country, take care of my kids, take care of my husband who is breaking bones and shit, work with other authors and run my company, take care of family members that need my help and write novels myself.  Whew! That was a mouth full.  But you know what… I could not be happier.  I am doing what I was meant to do.  I am writing and helping others to get published and taking care of my family full time in the process.  I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to be an erotic romance writer. Someone I knew once told me that they were not surprised that I write erotic novels as a career now.  The person told me that for a long every time he saw me I just had this amazing sex app

One in Each Opening: Story of my fantasy come true.

    My husband would do anything to make me happy. He is like my best friend.  He knows everything about me.  He knows all my dreams, fears, desires, aspirations and…fantasies.     Ah yes, fantasies.     He loves the fact that he knows my deepest and darkest fantasies and he loves to make them come true.  He works very hard at it and he is almost always successful at pulling them off and getting me off in the process.     One fantasy that he made come true is one of my favorites to talk about.      I have always had the fantasy of having sex with multiple men.  It just turned me on so much to imagine myself and at least 4 different men fucking all night.  I just dreamed of having a dick in my mouth, one in my pussy and one in my ass fucking every opening.     I would masturbate to the thoughts of that on many occasions. I would shove my largest dildo inside of me, fucking myself over and over again coming all over it and licking the juices off afterwards.      My husband would watch th

Top Ten Ways I love to Role Play

  1. Naughty School girl. -My husband bought this outfit for me.  This one is his favorite.      2. Naughty Nurse.  -He always enjoys the sponge baths.      3. Sexy Librarian  -We actually like this one because the first time we kissed was in a library where I worked and the first time I got on my knees for him.      4. The Strict Disciplinarian  - He likes to spank me and punish me when I’m being bad. I’m always bad. 5. The Intruder.  - He likes to take me when I least expect it. 6. The sexy Pool Boy  - I especially like it when I get to take advantage of him. 7. The mean boss and the Naughty secretary.  -There is trouble when I don’t file those papers correctly. Always end up with his dick in my mouth.  8. The sexy Baker -I always seem to make the dough rise. 9. The Slutty Sorority Girl.  - I get paddled with my own paddle. 10. The teacher and the student.  -I always have extra credit.

Hot and Heavy: How we keep the spice in our marriage

Standing in the shower letting the warm water pour over my body when I feel a cool breeze rape me of my warmth.  The shower curtain moves and I see my husband stepping into the shower behind me.    “Can I join you?” He asked. I smile.    “Of course!” I answered. We loved making love in the shower. This was one of our favorite things to do.  I shivered as I felt his cold hands caress my soapy chocolate body. His fingers found my breasts and I melted into him. I moaned anticipating the feel of his fingers on my wet clit as they brushed past my navel. That is when we heard.     “Are you guys in the shower together? That’s gross!” We don’t say a word we just wash and climb out thoroughly frustrated. If I had known when we first laid eyes on this house that you could hear everything that happens in the Master Bathroom in the adjoining bathroom, I would have passed. We never realized it would be a problem until we had kids…that always seemed to be in the bathroom when we were. This i

You love to watch and I know it...:an erotic tale.

You love to watch and I know it.  I decided to let you watch me. Oh I have watched you on numerous occasions. I’ve watched you touch yourself stroking your hard dick. I had the privilege of watching you come spewing like a volcano and the honor of licking up every drop. I decided I would give you the opportunity to watch me. So we get a room so that I could make your fantasy come true. You sit across the room watching me. This is my first time letting a man watch me pleasure myself. I am a little nervous but you assure me that there is nothing to be nervous about. You promise to be gentle. I climb on the bed and slowly remove my black lace panties. They slide down my chocolate legs and I notice that your eyes are trained on them. I toss them to the floor and your eyes are back on me. You nod your head at me encouragingly and I prop up some pillows and lay my head back. I want to keep my eyes on you. I spread my legs to give you a better view of my trimmed pussy. You lean in closer

My Top Ten Erotic Confessions 3

1. I like having my hair pulled during sex. 2. I like looking at women with large breasts 3. I love having my toes sucked. 4. I love giving oral sex. 5. I love to watch myself masturbate in the mirror. 6. I like watching Lesbian porn. 7. I have never had anal sex. (Want to deflower me?) 8. I love wearing sexy lingerie. 9. I love having a man come in my mouth. 10. I can squirt all over the place (The joys of female ejaculation)

Exciting and Sexy new book Coming out This July!!

My new eBook is coming out this July!!  I am so excited! I had so much fun writing this book and I hope that you enjoy it and tell all your friends how great it is. Here is the synopsis: Diary Of A Wanted Woman Hannah Jones is a wanted woman.  Men of all ages, races, married or single seem to fall at her feet when she walked into a room. That was the way Hannah liked it. As a matter of fact, she was obsessed by all the attention. No man was immune to her smooth dark chocolate skin, her award winning smile and the fact that she has the capacity to soak the sheets. Especially not David Castor, wealthy football player who has wanted Hannah from the moment he laid eyes on her. She was everything he always wanted in a woman. She was smart, beautiful and amazing in bed. He would do anything to make her his very own.  Yet that kind of relationship didn’t appeal to Hannah.  She was much more interested in a sexual no-strings-attached type of relationship. She felt she was unable t

My Erotic Marriage III: The Apple Orchard

 The apple trees were beautiful and creepy this time of night.  Yet we didn’t have time to notice or admire anything. We were on a mission.    The party was still going at full blast when we decided to sneak away. We could hear the sounds of laughter and music fade the farther we made it into the Orchard.  The sounds were replaced by our own giggles and the noise of our hitting twigs and the dirt ground as we searched for the perfect spot.   His hand was on my ass and his touch made me want him even more.    “I can’t wait to fuck you.” He said continuing to squeeze my ass.   We blame the dance floor and the immense amount of alcohol available to us at the party for our courage.  After dancing and grinding on the dance floor I didn’t think I could take anymore.  His hands rubbed my thighs and my ass and through his slacks I could feel his erection. He was hard and ready for me.   His eyes stayed glued to mine until he came even closer, his lips inches away from my ear when he whispe