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The Trio

The Trio  It doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes our searches come up with nothing. Then there are those rare occasions. It rarely happens for us, but when it is like magic. When we find that special person to fulfill our needs we cannot help ourselves. We just have to take advantage. We spotted him one night coming out of a 24 hour opened diner. He was tall and rather average in his looks and stature. To a mortal, he would be considered nothing special. He was plain and boring. He was an accountant and lived a normal boring life just like the rest of the mortal masses. We knew different. He was right for us in so many different ways. He was not very tall and his puny frame left much to be desired. Deep down, he repulsed me. He was perfect for us.  He seemed like a man that has never had a good fuck in his life. We knew. We were watching. We watched him for months coming home every night. He was so predictable that it sickened us. After nights of

One Night Stand Chronicles : Fiona

It was dark and awkward. My truck was not the best place to have sex. The wasn’t very much room and every time I thrust, I fucked up my knees. She was very petite so it should not have been a problem, but her legs were wrapped around me so tight, it took more work to fuck her in this cramped space. Yet, I could not stop. Her pussy was too damn good. It was so good that if her entire family came in this tree house and busted us fucking, I would not stop until I came. And…that is very possibly a scenario that could likely happen. I mean, who fucks a girl directly in front of her sister’s house with a party going on in the backyard? Me, I guess. I am the stupid and horny motherfucker that would do something like this. Would I make this decision again? Yes…in a heartbeat. *** The house was loud and boisterous. This was not what I was expecting. When Carolina asked me over to her house, I didn’t realize it would be a family BBQ in progress when I arrived. It threw me for a loop w