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The Workout

     My back against the bathroom stall was uncomfortable but the pleasure his tongue was giving me made up for that. His years of experience was displayed in the skillful way his tongue licked my dripping hole and then slowly moved up to draw circles on my clit. My fingers ran through his thick graying blonde hair letting my finger wrap around the strands every time a jolt of pleasure rippled through my body. He didn’t say a word while he skillfully ate my pussy in this tiny stall. I didn’t know how he managed to get me in here with my panties and yoga pants on the floor and my barefoot perched on a toilet seat… I hated to work out. I would rather be doing something else, yet my bad genes and intense love for sweets has threatened my health. The good news was at the age of 29, I was still young enough to get a handle on things. I pulled up and parked not really feeling like working out today. This was my third week in a row working out and it was finally taking its toll on me

Top Ten Erotic Confessions for 2013

1.        I love to watch a man to masturbate. 2.        I’m a master at giving hand jobs. 3.        I love to touch myself. 4.        I masturbate to lesbian and bisexual porn. 5.        My feet are a sweet spot. Rubbing them turns me on. 6.        I love giving oral sex to men and women. 7.        I am turned on by women with large breasts 8.        Kissing is my favorite pastime. 9.        I like listening to couples have sex in hotels. 10.    I prefer doggy style over any other sexual position.

Next Time: An Erotic Confession Story

Her beautiful mouth was moving but I didn’t hear a thing. She was talking but I just sat there watching her mouth move envisioning those lips on mine.   I licked my own dry lips trying to get comfortable with how close we were sitting. Being this close was hard for me. Every inch of my body was aware of her body touching mine. Normally my anxiety would force me to move back and put some distance between us. Yet I wanted to be this close this time. The last time I was near her, I wasted my opportunity to take her in my arms and feel her body close to mine. I always told myself that the next time we were this close and alone I would do it. I would swallow my fears and I would do it. Instead, I sat here watching her mouth move as we talked and laughed like girlfriends do. The entire time I wondered how long I could fight the urge to lean over and place my lips on her full set of sexy ones. My hand grazed her knee and I quickly moved it back. I was flustered fo

My Top Ten Sexiest female Celebrities

Top Ten Female celebrities I have a huge crush on, and would like to… Rihanna     1.        Rihanna     2.        Rachel Maddow Alex Wagner      3.        Olivia Wilde      4.        Mila Kunis      5.        Eva Mendez     6.        Alex Wagner     7.        Megan Fox Olivia Munn        8.        Kerry Washington        9.        Nicole Scherzinger        10.    Olivia Munn

The Shower

My shower was steamy. I liked it that way. The hotter the better. I let the hot water slide down my body from my large shower head. My hands followed the water and caressed my body. I was beginning to turn myself on, caressing my breasts, squeezing and teasing my nipples. My wet hands glided against my body and I closed my eyes taking in the sensations. Softly I could hear footsteps getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the sliding glass door opened and the cool breeze shook my body for a second. I opened my eyes and turned. She reached out and touched my wet naked body. We didn’t say a word. We just began to touch each other. She came close bringing her body against mine. It was already hot and steamy in there and having her body next to mine only made it worse. We kissed and it was electric. Her soft lips moved against mine and our tongues found each other playing that familiar game. Our hands found each other and we rubbed each other’s naked and wet bodies. My hands grip

My Sexual Erotic Bucket List 2013

All the sex I want to have before I die. Had to update the list because some things got scratched off from last time. (Wink Wink) 1.       I want to have Sex on a boat 2.       I want to be having an all-out dirty orgy with a group of people. 3.       Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you 4.       I want to masturbate while a group of people watch. 5.       I want to be more of an exhibitionist. 6.       I want to have sex on the beach…with multiple people. 7.       I want to experience Double Penetration…just the thought and I am instantly getting wet. 8.       I want to have a three-some with two women 9.       Sex with someone much older 10.   Sex in the rain.

Girl Sex Talk...and why I was never apart of it.

The other day I found myself reading an article about how common it was for women to talk extensively about sex with their female friends and how therapeutic it is for women to have these discussions. I found myself thinking that this was another sign that I was not like the typical woman. In my life I have had plenty of female friends and I felt like I could talk to them about anything. Yet I never felt that sex was a topic that I could discuss. I read an article about how common it was for women to discuss sex with other women. My husband use to ask me if I talked about how good he was in bed or how big he was to my female friends and he was always suspicious when I would always tell him no. He didn’t believe me at first, but after ten years, he realized that I was telling him the truth. It took a lot of thinking and soul searching, for me to realize exactly what was keeping me mute all these years in the topic of sex. Here is what I discovered.   Reason #1: Hidi

My Erotic Marriage IV

He stepped out of the shower, dripping wet and to my surprise the very erect. I was not in the mood for sex when I came to bed, but looking at him now that was rapidly changing. As he dried off, he noticed I was watching him. He dropped the towel and stood and began to stare back at me. His hands went to his dick and he began to slowly stroke himself. “I see you staring. You want this dick don’t you?” he asked continuing to stroke himself. I nodded and he didn’t hesitate to come over to me. Without much prodding, I climbed out of the bed and placed my knees on the carpet and kneeled in front of him. I took him into my warm mouth slowly sucking and tasting him. His hand instinctively came to my head and he caressed my hair as I sucked on his rock hard Dick. He smelled clean, yet still manly. His sent was filling my nostrils and my mouth. “That’s it,” he encouraged with his fingers entangled in my hair. I moaned softly with him in my mouth. I reached up to

My Top Ten Worse Kisses

I love to kiss but I really hate to be kissed this way.   1.       The Sloppy Wet Kiss- The “I think I need a shower after this” kiss. One time I kissed a guy and his saliva was dripping down my chin. Gross! 2.       Darting Tongue Kiss- The “my tongue has a mind of its own” kiss. 3.       The Suck on my Tongue Kiss- It is not a kiss if you are just sucking on my tongue. It’s just not. 4.       The Stiff Tongue Kiss- It is weird if we are kissing and your tongue is just lying there. Put in some effort. 5.       The Teeth Licker- Licking my teeth just makes me feel uncomfortable and now I think you are weird. 6.       The Eyes Wide Open kiss- They kiss the entire time with their eyes wide open. You crack your eyes open for a second while kissing and notice them staring. Creepy! 7.       The crazy tongue kiss – they use their tongue to lick all around and on your mouth. 8.       The Toxic Breath Kiss- Please carry a mint or spray. Because

The Birthday Gift : My erotic story

It was my birthday. I was one year older and still struggling to figure out who I was and what I really wanted. My husband had a feeling he knew what was troubling me. He believed he knew what I was and was not going to let me go another year without realizing it myself. It was my birthday and sitting next to me was my gift. I was nervous and unable to relax as her fingers slowly caressed my legs. I was having trouble breathing and I wasn’t sure if it was a sexual feeling or the anxiety attack I had been having since the moment I found out this was happening. My entire life I always wondered was I bisexual. My husband believed so. It was no problem for him he expressed. It was exciting and hot to have a bisexual wife. I wasn’t so sure. Just because I preferred to watch lesbian porn doesn’t make me bisexual does it? There was one thing we both agreed on. I needed to find out. He insisted it was something I needed to do. I wasn’t so sure, but I knew at this p