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The Curse that consumes me…

All of us have our individual curses, something that we are uncomfortable with and something that we have to deal with, like me making horror films, perhaps. ~ Wes Craven I have a curse. And it consumes me. It has for a while and I never knew to deal with it. At least when I was younger I thought it was a curse. I never knew how to understand it. I didn’t know to explain it to people. I talk to myself. I always feel like I have so many people inside of me.   I found myself having conversations with myself.   Literally having conversations with myself and wondering if I was crazy. No, I don’t hear voices telling me to do things.   I hear stories that need to be told.   Characters that manifest themselves and urge me to tell the things that they want to say. Earlier I wrote a piece about hearing my characters talk to me asking to be written and it becomes so unbearable that I must put their stories down on paper. I would close my eyes and see scenes of people.   People I di

The Heart of a Writer

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth Sometimes there are things that I want to say but I am so afraid to say it.   I believe that is why I took up writing fiction.   I could say that it was not real and it was just made up but deep down there is a glimmer of truth or the window into the soul, the heart of the writer in every story they tell even if it is fiction.   Writers… Our hearts are filled many people screaming and waiting for us to acknowledge them and tell others what their lives are about, who they love and who they wish would love them.   They breathe their sensuality into us and help us to feel what they feel so we can relay their passion and intensity with a fervor never felt before. My characters… They have a story to tell.   Sometimes in my sleep they slip into my dreams and they poke at me daring me to tell their story.   I have been living with them for the greater part of my life. It took a while but I finally found the courage to

Lusty Encounters: The Dark (The Conclusion)

He never stopped and he was never satisfied.   No matter how hard he fucked me and no matter how many times he came, he was never fulfilled.   My pussy was sore but it continued to be wet and waiting for him.   His masculine energy consumed me and though there was fear in my mind, my body acted positively to his touch. I could tell that after the last time he came in my mouth he was getting bored with this.   He paced the room.   I watched him.   I had no choice.   I could not take my eyes off his body.   His pale and still hard member was begging to be sucked again.   “This is not enough,” he claimed. I was afraid of what more he wanted. Panic and fear raised his ugly head again and I was afraid.   I couldn’t do the job and I couldn’t satisfy him.   What happens now? I didn’t have to wait long to find out.   He turned his back to me and rummaged in a drawer.   He slowly and casually retrieved a knife.   It was big, shiny and looked to be very sharp.   I felt my heart race increa

Book Synopsis - Down and Dirty

Kimberly Lawson oozed sex appeal, and that piece of information was not lost on her. In fact, making a man beg for the jewels hidden between her thighs was paramount to her survival. Her job as a hostess at the hottest nightclub in town put her in contact with some of the most high-powered men in the city and afforded her the luxury of not having to go to far to find her next john. Of course, any man who was given the opportunity to uncover her secret treasures walked away with what dignity she had left. Malcolm Johnson was no stranger to Kimberly’s secrets. Naturally, he had a few secrets of his own. As a defense attorney, no one knew how he was able to get the slimiest criminals back on the streets. As a husband, no one knew that he lied to his wife every night telling her he was working late. As a man, no one knew about his addiction- to sex. Including the little brother that looked up to him. Kenneth Johnson was jealous of his big brother. He envied the happy family th


Maxine Marshall wasn’t looking for love. Love was a crazy and complex emotion that she wanted no part of. After a stint with an abusive boyfriend that left her vulnerable and low, all she wanted was--sex. Lots of SEX! Though, sex with her best friend’s father was not what she had in mind, she knew sometimes amazing sex has a way of clouding judgment. Michael Salvatore wasn’t a saint. He didn’t mind giving Maxine what she wanted.   She wasn’t the first woman he had an affair with. He was prepared to make her feel things she had never felt before. But through all the sex, he was still looking. Looking for what his wife would not give him, hot steamy sex, intimacy and—love. Sex was easy. He could find sex, but love was another story…until he met Maxine. Maxine knew Michael was different. He was not like any other man she had ever met. He was all man, rich, successful, attractive and…white. Maxine had never been with a white man. She was intrigued. Michael made her yearn for things

Lusty Encounters: The Dark (part 3)

I awoke in the same room with feeling groggy.   I tried to move and realized quickly that I was shackled to the bed by my wrist and ankles.   I was afraid and yet so happy that I was still alive.   The only problem was, I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be alive.   I looked down and realized I was in only my bra and panties.   I tried to release myself from the shackles but they were so tight and it seems the more I tried the tighter they became.   So out of breath from struggling I just lay there. I tried hard to think of ways to get me out of this mess. Suddenly the door swings open and in walks my captor.   He walked in slowly his eyes trailing up and down my body.   I watched him pace back and forth like a caged animal.   His eyes never left my body. I was so turned on. I felt my pussy soaking the bed.   I should be afraid of him but there was a calm that came over me and an intense need to have him fuck me.   This man was so sexy.   He was completely naked and I knew that

Lusty Encounters: The Dark (part 2)

My feet seemed to have a mind of their own.   I stepped into the house and a chill crept up my back.   It was dusty and filthy with spider webs hanging everywhere. I took a few more steps into the house The smell was almost unbearable but there was something pulling me in further. I put my hand over my mouth and took a few more steps. I heard the door slam shut behind me and I turned in a flash.     The place was now pitch black and I could barely see anything.   I felt as if I was in control of my body again and immediately I raced to the door and tried frantically to open it.   It wouldn’t budge. Sheer terror took over me when I suddenly felt a presence behind me.   I was too afraid to turn around.   When I did find the courage to look over my shoulder there was no one there.   I tried the door again but still it would not open.   Suddenly, a lamp turned on in the corner.   It illuminated the dark room and I got a better look at the disturbing abandoned home I just stupidly ente

Lusty Encounters: The Dark (part 1)

It was a gloomy and rainy night.     I knew that I should not be walking home this late.   My apartment was at least 2 ½ miles away.   Jim’s Halloween party lasted longer than I expected and I was definitely too drunk to drive. Decked out in my skimpy “Little red riding hood” costume, I ventured into the night and tried to make the 2 ½ mile walk to my apartment.   I have to admit the walk home was a sobering one.   The trees were making sinister shadows and my paranoid mind saw attackers behind every tree and lurking in every alley.   I picked up the pace when I thought I felt someone following me.   I was not going to stop and look behind me.   The best thing was just to keep moving.   I was confident with my plan and when I heard someone getting closer I broke out in a fully fledged run.   I ran as fast as I could and as long as I could until I ran out of breath. I couldn’t run anymore.   The alcohol was catching up with me and in a bush near a house, I vomited.   When I was don

Halloween Stories

To take a break from the novel writing I have dabbled in the art of short story writing.   I used to write a lot of short stories in the past.   I at one point in my life did not think that I had the discipline to write a full length novel and thought that my first book would be a collection of stories. So, in honor of Halloween I have decided to get back to my roots and post a story from an Erotic Spooktastic anthology I have been working on for a few years.   The Book is called “Lusty Encounters” and it is chalked full of the Paranormal and Supernatural.   It reeks of the sexy, the dangerous and of course the Erotic.   Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts…OH MY! Enjoy!