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My Halloween Story: The Circle

The Circle     The death of a loved one can be a very painful experience. It can make you do very crazy things. I didn’t know what a demon possession was. I didn’t believe in ghosts or those sorts of things. So when I ended up in a dark and cold room waiting for a medium to enter, I felt as if I had hit rock bottom. Mourning over my husband has been hard enough. After 5 years of marriage it was difficult losing my best friend. He was the rock of the family and without him; everyone is losing their damn minds. My sister-in-law insisted this would speed up the healing process. A believer in mediums and psychics, she believed that we would be able to communicate with her brother and see that he is alright on the other side. So there we were sitting around a table staring blankly. It was such a weird feeling sitting around the room with candles burning and a dark table cloth covering the table. I almost laughed through my grief at my sister-in-law when she in

Sex and My Mental State

It’s mental for me. My husband knows this. When he wants to get me in the mood he begins by stimulating my mind. He compliments me, talks dirty to me and all before he begins to touch me in all the right places. Sex for me is mental. If I am not there mentally, it’s probably not going to happen. It does not have to be about romance because if it did I would not have married the man that I did. It is about stimulating my mind as well as my body. I am a worrier. I worry about everything. I find it very hard to relax. I feel like I have so much to worry about. I worry about my kids and their well-being; I worry about my husband and his emotional state. I worry all the time and sometimes it can affect my sex drive. I have spent the past month doing nothing but working on my novel. I pour so much of me into it, I leave little energy for much else and that includes sex. My mind gets so preoccupied and I stress out so much that I make it difficult for anyone to stimulate me. I

Excerpt from Diary of a Wanted Woman

Here is an excerpt from my new novel coming soon to your Kindle, Nook or Bookshelf Diary of a Wanted Woman     I tore into the wrapping paper and threw off the top of the box. . There was tissue paper and I threw that out of my way also. Lying at the bottom was a diamond encrusted collar. “What the fuck is this?” He laughed. “It’s my gift to you.” I was confused. What was I supposed to do with this? I didn’t own a dog or any other animal that would wear this. I looked up at him and he was still smiling. Then it hit me. “I’m supposed to wear this?” He reached in and pulled it out. “Of course. What did you think it was for?” He was crazy if he thought I was wearing a collar. “I am not putting that on my neck.” I said laughing. He didn’t look amused. I was starting to think that he was serious. “You can’t be serious.” Before the words were fully out of my mouth he leaped on me and knocked me back flat on the bed. His face was inches fr