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H is for Heat

is for Heat

I did not know what I was getting into when I moved to California. When we arrived it was 112°of hell. We felt like we were walking into a furnace. It was a major difference from the weather in central Indiana. There are days it is so hot the kids, who love the outdoors, do not want to go outside. So someone like me who is extremely warm-blooded and who always feels like I’m having hot flashes all the time, I was miserable at first. My family already knew that I have been pretty free in my home and walking around the house pants less is not unusual, even more so before the kids were born. Thus in California during the summer I was half naked most of time trying to deal with the heat. My husband on the other hand was trying to deal with another more intense heat creeping up on him that had him wanting to take his clothes off every chance he got. The sight of seeing me walk around half-naked all summer has him sweating and panting like an animal His ravenous sexual appetite kept us…

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep.

Sleep. What an amazing thing. I always thought that sleep is one of the greatest creations in this world. I remember when I was in college and my sorority sisters and I were discussing actually how much time we study, party and how much sleep we get. I remember listening to them all talk about how they only received 3 maybe 4 hours of sleep and I kept quiet because I was looking at my paper and had written down 12 hours. 12 hours of sleep. When I revealed this to them they were all wondering how I got so much sleep in college no less. I confessed. I confessed I only partied on weekends and during the week. I was up at 11 AM in bed by 11 PM. Going back a little bit before college there was a summer in high school where I slept the entire summer. My dad used to sneak into my room to make sure I was still breathing. Ah yes, sleep. Sleep and I were the best of friends. What a beautiful glorious friendship we had. But that was all gone once I had kids. Then there was almost no sleep. I became a…

G is for Guts

is for Guts

I have guts. That is what some people have said to me. They say I’m brave for being able to honestly express in my blog and in my stories my thoughts and emotions so freely. They say I’m brave for being able to write erotica freely without any worries or shame. Some days I will post a story on my blog and the only comment I will receive will be, “You are so brave.” Having someone say that to me is very strange. I have never considered myself brave. There have been so much in my life that I have been afraid of that brave would have been far from what I would use to describe myself. I was always afraid my entire life to be me. To want what I wanted,  to think the way I wanted to think and to feel the way I wanted to feel. My fears always convinced me that if I just be me that would never be enough for anyone. I was not enough for anyone. I never had the guts to disregard what others thought of me. There was no life without the love and acceptance of others. From a very young age, I …

The Apple Orchard: an erotic tale

Here is another one of my favorite short stories that I have written. 

My Erotic Marriage: The Apple Orchard

The apple trees were beautiful and creepy this time of night.  yet we didn’t have time to notice or admire anything. We were on a mission.  The party was still going at full blasts when we decided to sneak away. We could the sounds of laughter and music fade the farther we made it into the Orchard.  The sounds were replaced by our own giggles and the sounds of our hitting twigs and the dirt ground as we searched for the perfect spot. His hand was on my ass and his touch made me want him even more.  “I can’t wait to fuck you.” He said continuing to squeeze my ass. We blame the dance floor and the immense amount of alcohol available to us at the party for our courage.  After dancing and grinding on the dance floor I didn’t think I could take anymore.  His hands rubbed my thighs and my ass and through his slacks I could feel his erection. He was hard and ready for me. His eyes stayed…


For 26 years of my life I felt like a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon. I was trapped by my own fears, secrets, alienation, disloyalty, family turmoil and my antisocial nature. For 26 years of my life, I was drowning in despair unable to cope with what I was and terrified others would find out. I lived in fear of rejection, failure, and a fear that I would be all alone. So I adapted my personality to fit whomever I was around. I hated feeling like I wasn’t good enough so I gave everyone what they wanted. I transformed into whatever person they thought I was. For my parents I was a model child. I behaved myself; brought home good grades and did everything I was told to do For teachers, I was an excellent student. I listened intently in class; I rarely got into any trouble. I was in the Honor society, received all A’s and I graduated number 5 in my class. Every month I would get most outstanding student from multiple teachers. For friends, I was a conformist. I was devoted and loyal friend an…

F is for Failure

is for Failure

I hate to fail. I always worry about failing at life. I worry about failing as a wife, mother, friend and a just as a person. I trace my fear of failure back when I was little about 3 or 4. I tried to polish my nails for the first time and I was so proud of my accomplishment. I went to show my mother. I know that in her mind she just wanted to help me but the words that exited her mouth haunted me and it still haunts me today. She told me that my nails were bad and I needed to do them over. I was crushed. I know it sounds trivial but as a little sensitive kid, it really affected me. I redid my nails and to her satisfaction.  I made sure that I got it right this time. After that I felt like I always had to get it right I had to be perfect. I felt like I needed to be the perfect child. I had to do everything right and I refused to fail. That feeling became a part of me and I pushed myself to excel in every aspect of my life. I became the model child going to school every day,…

My Erotic Marriage

Finally for the first time in a while I am on vacation! Whoo Hooo! But, I don't want to keep you without a story. Here is a story that I posted over a year ago but one that my readers really like. 

My Erotic Marriage
I was ready for bed but my husband had other plans. He came out of the bathroom naked with his member at attention. ‘What are you doing?” I asked looking him up and down. He approached me wrapping his arms around my waist placing a soft kiss on my lips. “Umm, trying to get some of this.” He said grabbing and squeezing my ass. I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck. “I have a story I need to work on.” I protested. He shook his head lifting me. I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Consider this your break.” He dropped me onto the bed and I bounced a little laughing at the same time. He slowly began to strip me removing my pants followed by my panties. When I was naked and my leg were spread in front of him I watched look at me licking his lips. I knew what was coming and my …

My Sexual Journey

My sexual journey began at a very young age. I was definitely a precocious child and began to have sexual feelings at an early age. Sex was not discussed in my family but it was definitely going on frequently. There are 9 of us and by the time I was 10 years old I already had about 5 or 6 nieces and nephews. There is plenty of sex gone on but no one was talking about it. So I obeyed the family example kept all my fillings to myself. An early age I use have sexual feelings for select girls. I was very interested in boys but  on occasion I would become attracted to girls. I shrugged it off and thought it was a phase. I prayed it was a phase. Coming from a  Baptist family and a society that says what I felt was bad…I prayed and prayed and prayed. By the time I was in high school I was utterly tormented by my feelings. I hated myself for finding women attractive. I utterly, violently wished that I was someone else. In high school, I kissed my first girl and that drove me into another depress…

E is for Erotica

is for Erotica

Erotica is what I do. More specifically my forte is writing erotic romances. What is the difference you ask? When I write erotic stories, I focus solely on the sexual experience. The story starts with sex and ends with sex. It is not porn. It is just my realistic take on the sexual experience between two people. I like to write short erotic stories that tend to cut to the chase and focus on the erotic experience between 2 or 3 people or 4. When I write it there is not mush dialogue and you should feel like you are watching the scene unfold right before your eyes. However, when I write erotic romance I take those carnal yet erotic scenes and I weave a love story or sweet romance right through them. I not only focus on the sexual experience but on the people. Romance has been a part of my life for a long time now. The very first romance novel that I read was in the 6th grade and I fell in love with them. The key difference I believe between erotic romance and a romance nove…