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The One Night Stand Chronicles : Elizabeth

I could not believe what she was doing. As the waiter sat down our drinks, I listened as she told her parents she was on a date with “a black guy with a big cock.” I drank my glass of water in disbelief and amusement. There was a couple next to us at the next table and they seemed shocked by the profane words coming from her beautiful mouth. I knew what they were thinking. “She’s too pretty to talk like that.” Okay, maybe that was what I was thinking. Finally, she hung up her phone and looked at me. “My parents are fucking assholes.” She said taking a sip of her drink. I laughed. “Whoa, what could your parents have done to make you say that?” She sighed. “They hate black people.” I wasn’t surprised by her words. The college town I now lived in was the type of place where such racist things were said without guilt or remorse. It only made me laugh harder to hear her say it that way. She chuckled as well and began to tell me why she hated her parents so much. She w