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Yellow Flicker Beats

♫ And now people talk to me, but nothing ever hits home. People talk to me, and all the voices just burn holes. I’m done with it… ♫ I bobbed my head to the beat as the smooth smoky voice of Lorde spilled through the speakers of my car. I loved this song. Yellow Flicker Beat had been my theme song for the last few days. I was listening to it on my drive to work at the Irwin Memorial Library on campus. I was a circulation clerk tasked with the responsibility of checking in books as well as being yelled at by patrons wondering why they had to pay $50 for two lost books. I let the music soothe me as I sat through horrendous traffic. It wasn’t going to please Greta. Librarians don’t like it when you show up for work late. They are a punctual bunch. I started to sing the words out loud when suddenly my music was interrupted by ringing from my speakers. I had my blue tooth from my phone connected to my car. I didn’t want another ticket from using my phone while driving. Who would ha

Magnetic : an erotic short story

“Why are you so dressed up?” I asked taking a sip of my vodka and cranberry cocktail. I had to practically scream my question over the loud music in the night club. The Seven nightclub and lounge was packed. It was ladies night and there were plenty of ladies taking advantage of the half off drinks and the men buying up the bar. The disco lights made the room sparkle and Jay-Z blaring from the speakers only enhanced the good vibrations. The atmosphere was sexed up by half dressed women grinding to the music and men following behind them trying to take advantage of the women with low inhibitions. The aura was not lost on me. I came here with the intention of finding someone to go home with tonight. I increased my odds by wearing my black “freak’em” dress. It was a mini strapless little black number that I found from a thrift shop. My large breasts threatened to spill out with every move. He raised an eyebrow. “Is there something wrong with wanting to look nice when you go