Burned: Deadly Desires Synopsis

No one can be trusted. No one is safe.Inferno lounge is the underbelly of the city. A world where escorts meet clients, owners make money, and everyone tries not to get burned. But beware. There’s a killer on the loose. One with a hunger for death. Every woman at Inferno is on the menu. Including, Kimberly Lawson. A dedicated college student by day. A steamy Inferno escort by night. Kim values money above all else. Even over her desire to love and be loved. Love is the farthest thing from Malcolm Johnson’s mind. He’s all about fulfilling fantasies and getting something he can’t get at home. Kim fits the bill. If only he can get his brother to back off. Kenneth Johnson isn’t a man to give up on love. What he and Kim have is special…even if she doesn’t know it yet.When women at the lounge begin to die, Kim questions her choice of profession and the men in her life. Who can she trust?A killer is out there and no one knows who will be next. From the author of the Prohibited Series comes a…

Donnée Patrese reads an erotic story | The Dominant Teacher


Prohibited: an erotic novel - A Sample of the Beginning

Prologue “Beautiful!” He whispered. I shuddered as he slid his tongue skillfully and sensuously down my earlobe. His hot and wet tongue continued making a path down my neck. My thoughts fragmented as he planted gentle kisses driving me insane. Electricity shot through my body as his warm and soft lips caressed me. I ran my fingers through his dark silky hair and he moaned with pleasure. I felt him push himself off the bed. I noticed he was still in his suit. “You are so fucking beautiful.” He said furiously fighting with his clothes dropping his suit jacket to the floor. His emerald green eyes never left mine as he wrestled with each article of clothing. “Your clothes, my sweet, off. Now!” He demanded, throwing his cream-colored shirt onto the floor. I blindly removed the rest of my clothing and tossed them on the floor beside the bed. He unfastened his belt and whipped it from the loops. I stared at his smooth olive- colored skin reddened by his desire. My goodness!I have never been …

Prohibited 3 : Final Betrayal



6 years ago…

 His lips grazed mine. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. “I want to give you what you deserve,” he said. My back was against the cold wall. His body pressed against mine. I felt his warmth and desire. He wanted me. I wanted to be loved. His hardness pushed against my thigh. “I deserve…” Kenneth leaned down and kissed me. His touch was loving and for the first time in days I felt secure and safe by a man’s touch. He knew what I needed. It was good to feel gentle touches and not pain and fear. For a year and a half I had been in an abusive relationship with a man 15 years older than me. He used my youth and gullibility to take control over me leaving me less than a woman. That is how I felt. Less than a woman. Tonight I ran. I ran right to Mikey hoping to find solace after telling my abusive boyfriend I didn’t care what he threatened me with. I was leaving him and he could go fuck himself. He was dangerous and threatened to harm me if I left. He had an encounter with…

Prohibited 3: Final Betrayal Synopsis


Heartache and pain seemed to follow Maxine Marshall when all she wanted was love. Michael Salvatore was her ticket to the fairy tale love she always wanted.
When an old flame from Maxine’s past resurfaces, things in her life become more complicated.
Michael can feel Maxine pulling away. He vows to do whatever he can to make her his… for good. 
His task becomes harder when his only confidant, Lorenzo, is determined to protect his friend and do whatever he can to break the two up.
In his quest, Lorenzo gets help from Maxine’s former lover. His goal: Reclaim his lost love…by any means necessary.

In the third installment of the Prohibited Series, can Maxine and Michael’s love survive this final test or will lust and betrayal finally pull the lovers apart forever?

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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (part 5)

New Year’s Eve...

I wasn’t very hopeful. I wasn’t hopeful that the New Year would bring a change in my marriage. I had these thoughts as my husband and I made love. It was 6am and he rolled over wanting to have sex. I was excited. Christmas Day was the last time we had sex and it was only a few days later and he wanted to do it again. “Oh Yes!” my husband moaned. He pounded me and was just as aggressive as he was before pulling my legs onto his shoulder hammering me. This time there wasn’t any foreplay. There was only his sudden need and my free and waiting vagina. I was down to make love to my husband but it’s been two minutes and he was close to coming already. “Fuck!” he groaned. Then he came inside of me letting my legs fall to the bed. We lay that way for a few minutes before I spoke. “Don’t you want to eat me out?” I asked rolling over to look at him. Breathing heavily he replied. “No. I just came inside of you. It would be like I was eating my own cum. Plus I have to get to work.” I w…

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (part 4)

Christmas Day…
“Shhh…” I said hoping to soothe the crying baby in my arms. 
It was 6am and I was shocked no one was awake yet. I thought the constant crying of a 10 month old would have had the entire house up and ready to open gifts. Yet no one stirred except me and the baby. It was fine by me. I wasn’t ready to face anyone just yet. I didn’t get much sleep. My mind was focused on the day before and the encounter that put my life with my family in jeopardy. I slept with a man I did not know with my kids and in-laws not far away. What was wrong with me? I never in a million years thought I was capable of cheating on my husband. I was disgusted with myself. Yet, deep down inside in some remote corner of my soul I had never felt more alive. Every time I thought about my encounter with the mall Santa, my sex would drip with anticipation of feeling that way again. I looked down to see that the baby was fast asleep. I placed him in his crib and quietly exited the room closing the door behind…