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Hidden Truth: Part 7 Hiding

“This movie sucks!” I exclaimed. Rocco laughed. We were sitting in his living room watching a movie he picked out. It was an old film from the 1980s that so far bored me so much I thought I was going to pass out and fall into a comma. “This is a classic. How can you not like it?” he asked taking a handful of popcorn into his mouth. I sighed. “It’s just a bunch of boring conversations. I like more action in the movies I watch.” He smiled and moved over closer to me on the couch. He moved my hair out of the way exposing my neck. He leaned in and began to place kisses on me. “Stop,” I said giggling. “What are you doing?” “You said you like action,” he began placing another kiss on my neck. “I thought maybe we could spark up some action of our own.” He leaned in closer and we kissed. I pulled back placing my hands on his chest. “Whoa! Let’s just keep watching this boring movie you picked out,” I said reaching over and grabbing the bowl of popcorn from the table in fron


"Hidden Truth" will be back Next Week. For now, here is a story I blogged before.  Fetish He walked circles around me trying to decide what he wanted to do with me. I sat there silently waiting for him to make up his mind. I had my preference but it was his decision. To the right there was a small table that held elements of a punishment and he was deciding on one. I tried not to stare too hard at the one I wanted.  It was not my decision. I was afraid he would spite me and choose a different one. Finally he stopped circling me and approached the small wooden table. I watched as his fingers grazed each object and wondered what it would be. Suddenly he grabbed the handcuffs and an object that made me shiver. Nipple clamps. Though I loathed nipple clamps, he always found some way to give me intense pleasure while he used them. He approached me then slowly disappeared behind me. My heart began to race with anticipation. He forcefully grabbed my arms and he

Hidden Truths: Part 6 - Encounters

“WHAT?” I yelled over the loud music. “CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK?” he screamed back. I shook my head. I had enough to drink for the evening. Plus I could tell this guy wanted more than just to buy me a drink. He was tall, with dark skin and bald with muscles to spare. His smile would probably send shivers down any woman’s spine. He had been eyeing me from across the club for awhile. My friend Melinda encouraged me to go over and check him out. I declined. She left me to for the dance floor while I stayed behind drinking myself into oblivion. That’s when apparently chocolate muscles guy decided to approach me. “Do you want to dance?” he asked moving closer so I could hear him better. I just shook my head again. He moved uncomfortably closer. “C’mon, just one dance.” “No, thank you,” I replied turning back around in my seat taking a sip of my drink. “Fine then, BITCH! I was doing you a favor,” he said storming off onto the crowded dance floor. I laughed. That rude so