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Conversations with my Nuclear family

The hubby examining his laptop. The hubby: Man, it looks like I need a new laptop. Me: Uh-Oh, looks like it’s time for daddy to get a notebook. The hubby: Oooo, when you say notebook, do you mean an IPAD2? Me: No, I mean spiral bound. Mady walks from her room into the loft and hands me one half of the walkie-talkie that she received for Christmas. Mady: Mommy, make sure you turn it on. I turn it on. Me: Okay Mady it’s on. She runs back into her room. Mady: (speaking through the walkie-talkie) mommy can you hear me? Me: Yes Mady. Mady: okay, can you go downstairs and get me some juice? Mady:   Mommy can you help me play my memory game. Me: Yes Mady. Just give me a minute. Mady: Okay, because the Instructions say “Mommies need to help” Walking around Wal-Mart with Mi-Mi Me: Hey that’s the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas. Mi-Mi: No it’s not. Me: Yes Mi-Mi, that’s the same one. Mi-Mi: Not it’s not.   Your

Insomnia: My Naughty New Year’s Eve

I always found it hard to sleep when I was in the mood.   The throbbing in my clit kept me wide awake.   Good thing it was New Year’s Eve and the party was in full swing.   My friends and family were in the mood to drink party and bring in the New Year with style. I had other plans.   I intended to have my own party.   A late Christmas present was sprawled on my floor right next to the tree we neglected to take down in the den.   She spread her legs and exposed her hot and wet pussy to my eyes.   My mouth watered as I gazed at her.   She was so wet her juices dampened my carpet and a pool of her luscious fluids was forming.   The glittery bright and colored lights played on her body and her soft ebony skin called to me.   I leaned over her capturing a plum colored nipple into my mouth.   She smelled like gingerbread sweet and spicy.   She was ready to turn her body over to me and I wanted to begin the New Year right between her legs.   My tongue trailed down her

Lusty Encounters: The Pack (The Conclusion)

  Then I felt him being shoved off me. He landed next to me on the bed. I coughed taking in a big gulp of air.   I looked up to find two naked bodies tussling on the floor.   It took only a second to realize it was Daniel and the leader.   I heard a growl erupt from the leader’s mouth.   It sounded so animalistic and real. I watched as he shoved Daniel across the room.   He hit the wall with a loud thud knocking paint and plaster to the ground. “What the fuck are you doing?” Daniel rolled over, not looking hurt at all, answered him. “I can’t let you hurt her.”   “Daniel, be quiet!” The big large black man said. “I can’t let you hurt her!” Daniel emphasized. My eyes just darted back and forth between one man to another. “You idiot!” The leader said taking a few steps closer to Daniel.   Daniel took a step backwards.   I could tell that this was the first time that he has stood up to the man. It seemed to both exhilarate him and frighten him. “I am not going t breakthrough

For the first time in my life, I have thrown caution to the wind and not thought what other people are going say about me. I just wrote, completed, published and sold my very first novel Prohibited ! I am excited, relieved, anxious, and nervous. Some days I do not know what to do with myself.   I am so afraid of people not liking my book.   I am afraid they will read it and think that it sucks and they never want to read anything else from me again. I believe that is what stopped me from completing my book sooner.   I was always afraid.   I do not like rejection and I do not like it when people judge or criticize me. That is why I pride myself on not placing judgment on people That fear kept me paralyzed for awhile. Sometimes I would be in tears thinking that I would never make it.   I just wanted things to be safe and comfortable. I didn’t want to move out of my box.   I wanted to keep my stories, ideas and my characters to myself.   They have loved with me and only me f

Conversation with the Hubby...

Walking into the bedroom and approaching him. Me: I am writing a story and I have a question. The Hubby: Okay Me: I am writing a story and I need to know what it feels like when a man ejaculates. The Hubby: That’s what you’re writing about? Me: Well, it’s in the story. He chuckles. The Hubby: Well, if you close the door and give me a hand job, I can give you an accurate description. Me: Okay, so I walked right into that one. The Hubby: It’s the only way to be as precise as I possibly can. Me: Yeah, I bet. Why don’t you just tell me? The Hubby: No. Get out. No Freebies!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: An Erotic Tale

Christmas time at the mall was always crazy and for the past three years I have found myself with all the other crazy people waiting on Santa Claus.   I never like bringing my kids here but my husband insisted they should see Santa and take pictures.   Of course, he was not the one to bring them. That was my job. Now, I stand here in line for hours with my kids just waiting for each one to tell Santa Claus they want something that mommy and daddy can’t afford. The parting gift is a crappy picture that always ends up with my mother in law.   My husband insists that it makes him and the kids happy. That is all that should matter.   There was a problem. Their happiness was the only thing that always seemed to matter around here.   What made me happy was always forgotten.   I spent all day cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and wishing there was some excitement in my life.   My husband comes home from work and most of the time he is too tired for anything.   Sex has

Insomnia: Losing My Religion

“Can’t you sleep?” She asked trailing her hand up and down my smooth dark chest.   I shook my head. It was hard to turn off the thoughts that were swimming around in my head. I rolled over and looked at her.   “I’m not sure I’m supposed to sleep.” I answered. She laughed.   I liked her laugh, yet it was one of the many things that kept me awake at night.   That and the immense guilt I felt every time she ended up in my bed. She was very hard to resist. She was the epitome of temptation. She was amazing right down to her smooth chocolate legs and incredible pussy. She was short and thick with an hour glass figure. Her ass was massive and her breasts were an even match. She was damn near perfect and I always felt lucky when she bent that ass in the air and beckoned me to enter her tight and wet hole. Tonight was no different.   I knew I would not get any sleep. We had already made love and I was doing what I always did afterwards; wallow in my own guilt an

Erotica: The Art of Seduction

In my opinion, erotica is all about the language of the game. It’s like a smooth and suave man (or woman) spitting the best game. The goal is to seduce you in hopes of getting you in bed sometime soon. At least that is what my goal is when I write.   I try to be suave with the words that I choose.   Even when I am being vulgar and focused on the sexual acts, in the back of my mind I am working hard to choose the right words that will get you turned on and stimulated.   With that being said, I do not write for anyone to masturbate to my books (but if you feel the urge, please, do not let me stop you).   I write erotica because I want to give you the best mind fuck in the world.   I want to seduce your mind and keep you coming back for more.   I guess you can call me a literally player. I want to lay the best game on you. I want you all hot and bothered and unable to say no…to buying my books of course. I like to give you a taste of what you are missing and watch y

Lusty Encounters: The Pack (part 3)

I nodded yes. I looked at Daniel and he moved closer bringing his dick to my mouth. I opened wide and he gently placed it in. I wrapped my lips around his shaft. I sucked and licked as if my life depended on it.   Unfortunately, my life did depend on it.   I glanced up at him. His head was thrown back and he was moaning so loudly it sounded almost like a howl.   Suddenly my head was being yanked back. I turned and stared at the large black man that was eating out my pussy before. He was smiling and I knew something bad was going to happen.   I was ordered to get on all fours again and I was shaking. It wasn’t like I was a virgin or anything, but he was very large and I was terrified.   I braced myself as he force his way in my slightly damp pussy.   Fear had almost dried me up.   He pounded and pounded only able to get a fourth of the way inside.   I screamed and the rest of the men laughed.   “Please.” I begged.   It only made him pound my hole harder.   There were