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Death of a Lover: Part 1

It is painful when you hurt someone you love. The experience is unlike any other. She meant the world to me and I ruined both of our lives in the matter of months. I sat outside in my backyard, our backyard, and thought about her. My Sam. I thought about all the intimate times that we spent together lying in bed listening to the rain hit the windows. I can remember hearing her whisper softly in my ear. “I love you."
She was a lesbian and at one point I believed I was as well. There has never been a man that could make me feel the way that a woman could. Only a woman has managed to love me the way I need to be loved. I only had one boyfriend in my life and he never managed to give me what I needed. It wasn't until I made love to another woman that I truly understood that I was a lesbian.
I knew she was dangerously jealous. Her last girlfriend had to put out a restraining order against her. I ignored her past transgressions because I loved her so much. She was my world and then…

Top Ten Sexiest Questions Asked of Me Answered

My Sexiest Questions Answered

1.How many times do you have sex on an average week?
We have sex about 3-4 times a week and sometimes twice a day.
2.What's the craziest place you've ever had sex?
The craziest place would have to be in a parking lot.
3.Have you been to a strip club?
Yes on multiple occasions.I really enjoy them.
4.What is your favorite type of porn to watch?
It is a tie between Lesbian porn and Group sex.
5.If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you want to try in bed tonight?
I would love to bring a couple of people to bed with us tonight.
6.Are you a Voyeur or an Exhibitionist?
I used to think I was neither, but now I would consider myself more an exhibitionist.
7.Have you ever had sex on a first date?
Yes. I have no problem being honest about that.
8.What physical feature on a woman really turns you on?
I like a woman with big breasts.
9.Have you taken erotic photos of yourself?
Yes. It helps my husband when he is on vacation.

The Omnipotence of the Kiss

"I have found men who didn't know how to kiss. I've always found time to teach them."
 ~ Mae West
When I work on short stories the part I spend the most time on is the first kiss between my main characters.I love documenting the fear, anxiety and emotions surrounding the moment their lips touch for the first time.It is a magical moment and I would be heartbroken if I could not do it justice.
In Kristoffer Nyrop's book, The Kiss and its History he writes that "we all yearn for kisses and we all seek them; it is idle to struggle against this passion. No one can evade the omnipotence of the kiss ..."
I could not agree more that kissing is a powerful thing.A kiss can express sentiments of love, passion, friendship, affection and respect.It can be the last impression you leave after a first date (or second but for me depending on the date I don’t mind a kiss on the first date.).It can also be the start of a beautiful relationship.
Mae West said it best: “A man…

I'm Thankful for my husband's dad: A Thanksgiving tale PART 2

I shook off my nervousness and headed into the kitchen to grab a couple of beers for the guys.Once I gave them their beers there was little interaction with them after that.
My mother-in-law and I spent most of our time cooking and cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow. Yet it didn’t stop me from thinking about what I would do to my father-in-law when I got a chance to be alone with him.
It would be more difficult for us to be alone once the other guests arrived tomorrow.I wanted to be with him tonight but my husband would never leave his side and my mother in law would not leave mine.By the time we were finished he had already retired for bed and my husband was waiting for me.
I disappointedly went to bed. It was hard seeing as I was extremely horny.My husband was too. I felt guilty when he parted my legs and dipped his head between them. I could only imagine his father doing that to me.
I felt guilty when he fucked me and I imagined his father was fucking me senseless.I came seeing …

I am thankful for my husband's dad: A Thanksgiving Tale

I was trying to keep myself occupy so that I wouldn’t drive myself crazy thinking about my lover. He was due to arrive any minute with his wife to spend Thanksgiving with us. I have been driving myself mad cleaning the house and prepping the food.
My husband noticed that I losing my mind and he confronted me wondering what was going on. How could I tell him that I can’t get the way my lover fucks me out of my head? Instead I told him I just wanted to make this Thanksgiving perfect. He kissed me and told me to calm down.
It was too late for that.My nerves were shot.I could not stop thinking about my lover and the last time we were together in each other’s arms. It wasn’t the first time we were together. The first time he kissed me and ran his hands all over my body. I stopped him there feeling guilty and vowing never to be alone with him again.
It was late at night and I was in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up after our big Barbeque for Labor Day. His wife was asleep in th…

Open 24 Hours.

Open 24 Hours

I do a lot of waiting and not a lot of sleeping. I’m a waitress and that is what I do.
I wait.
I wait on people. I wait for things to go right in my life and I wait for Mr. Right to show up.
I wait on food to be ready, I wait to get paid and I wait for this place to get empty so I can be alone.
Working the midnight shift at the diner can get frustrating at times. This was a 24 hour diner and the ideal would be to work all night and sleep all day in preparation. It never works out that way.
I have two kids and when I am home the last thing that I do is sleep.  I try. Don’t get me wrong, but it never happens.
Without sleep you can do some very crazy things.
Working late shift was not the only thing that bothered me sometimes.  Working so late didn’t leave that much time to fuck.
I was either at work or at home with my kids. I didn’t have time for a social life. I had not been with a man in almost a year and my vibrator has been my sole companion.
Working at the diner at midnight i…

My Obsession with Older Men

I have a healthy obsession with older men.
I say healthy because I don’t go crazy. I just like the company of older men.
I have always thought that age was just a number and should not be the reason you didn’t date someone.
One of my good friends can thank me because I encouraged her to date a man much older than she was. She had her doubts because of his age but I insisted that if she liked him and he liked her age should not hold them back. Well, she went on a date and now they are engaged to be married. I am not taking all the credit but she did come to me for advice and my advice helped tipped the scales and she went on that date.
From a young age I always liked older men. In 7th grade I had a math teacher that I thought was very cute and very sexy. (Yes, I was a very precocious child).
In high school, I had a huge crush on my U.S. History and Economics teacher.
I thought my love for older men was due to what influenced me when I was growing up. I loved to read romance novels and in…