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Words from a Tired, Angry "SEX WRITER"

Today I cried. I cried because for about an hour I was ashamed of myself. More importantly I was ashamed of myself as a writer and ashamed of what I write. I have always been afraid that what I write would come back to haunt me. Here is what happened. My daughter about a couple of weeks ago asked me if she could join instagram. Now I was a little worried about what she would see on instagram so I hesitated. Her father and I discussed it and decided as long as she follows only kids from school she could join. Well, she has only followed her friends from school so we are ok with that. However I heard that some of the kids from her school sometimes sext and share salacious photos. I wanted to know what types of friends she had so I followed a few to see what their everyday photos are like. Well today, one of her teammates on the basketball team asked her who “The Writer 84” was? My daughter didn’t hesitate. She said “That’s my mom.” Then her teammate said that her

Coming Soon This March

Prohibited 2 : Illicit Affairs Michael and Maxine are back and life is still just as crazy and just as painful as before. Maxine was again caught up in a love triangle with a married man and his wife. She hates that she has more secrets to keep despite knowing that keeping secrets can only lead to pain and anguish. Yet what choice does she have? Michael is still madly in love with Maxine and he intends to get her back in his life by any means necessary…once his divorce is final. Maria refuses to make things easy and their divorce proceedings drag on and on leaving a trail of hate, disgust and no light at the end of the tunnel for either of them. Maxine wants to be with Michael. Yet would he want her after he learns there was someone else vying for her affection. He had some competition that hit closer to home than he would ever expect. Prohibited II: Illicit affairs, the sequel to the breakthrough novel Prohibited , brings to light more secrets that thre