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Top Ten Funny Names Women give to their Breasts.

We know about men naming their Penises funny and outrageous names, but women are guilty of the name game too. Here is a list of names that some women call their breasts. 1.        The Pointer Sisters 2.        Ben and Jerry 3.        My Girls 4.        The Boob brigade 5.        Tic and Tac 6.        Law and Order 7.        Pillows 8.        Baskin and Robbins 9.        Twin peaks 10.    Dumbbells *Bonus: I call my breasts ‘the Girls” or “the Boobs”

The Ring

     My Vows.   They should mean more to me.   The ring that I wear signifies the love and devotion that I feel for my husband. But it has been stated that you can’t change a whore.   I tried for years to suppress my inner whore, but it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. When I met my husband I was on a slut wave and any penis that got in my way got sucked or fucked.   That was me and I didn’t intend to change for anyone. I had been through enough heartache and I wasn’t going to give my all to another man. Then I met my husband. He was a very beautiful man. He was tall, dark and a very sexy alpha male.   His big brown eyes had a way of penetrating your soul. I was overwhelmed by his charm, gentleness and sophistication. He knew how to lay down the dick and make me beg for more. He suddenly became my world and I felt like a changed girl. For the first year of our relationship, I was faithful and my body belonged to him. Then after our first year togethe

Top Ten Names Men Give Their Penises

I thought this list was hilarious and had to share. 1.        Magic Stick 2.        Pipe Cleaner 3.        One-eyed Monster 4.        The Pleasure Pump 5.        The Dick-tator    6.        Pinocchio 7.        Anaconda 8.        Rodzilla 9.        The Ejaculator 10.    Excaliber *Bonus: My husband calls his “The Chocolate Stick.” I guess it’s a variation on the Magic Stick.

Mile High: An Erotic Tale (The Conclusion)

I was frozen in place not sure what I should do. He leaned in to give me some encouragement. “Go on… It won’t bite.” I looked him in the guy and he smiled leaning back a little by adjusting two-seat. A major part of me wanted to please him and make come, but I still felt the fear and guilt of the infidelity I want to pursue. With a mind of its own my hand began to slowly stroke it. He moaned a little under his breath and smiled. For a few minutes with my heart pounding out of my chest, I stroked him. He was so warm and hard in my hands it began to turn me on even more. He looked at me licking his lips and whispered encouragements at me. “That’s it baby stroke my cock.” It only fueled me to go farther I began to stroke him hard not letting up and employing my tricks to try and get him to come. I was so focused on my task at hand that I didn’t realize the flight attendant was making rounds with the drink and snack cart. The passengers around us were beginning

Top Ten Men's Sexual Fantasies

My husband and I always talk about my sexual fantasies. He always wants to know what I think about and what I wish could happen to me sexually. I finally realized that I never really engage him the same way. I wanted to know what he fantasizes about. What do most men fantasize about? Here is a list that I compiled from a few men I know. 1.       To have two women give him head at the same time.   2.       To have a woman dominate them in bed and take complete control.   3.       To have sex with wife/girlfriend and her best friend.   4.       To have se with a woman and her mother at the same time.   5.       To be able to watch another couple have sex without them knowing.   6.       To have sex with two women at a sporting event.   7.       To have two women give him head while in a movie theatre.   8.       To have a hot threesome in the shower.   9.       They fantasize about risky sex and being caught in the act in public situations.   1

The Erotic Housewife Checks in - Sex and kids. Ok, maybe that doesn't sound right...

I have been a Housewife, a mom and an erotic writer for a couple of years now.   I enjoy writing and I enjoy having the opportunity to bet there with my kids. Yet, there has been something that has weighed on my mind. My worst fear is the profession that I have chosen would affect my children in anyway. I’m not a stripper or porn star or prostitute but it seems that anyone who deals with sex in anyway are seen in a certain light. A recent incident made me think long and hard about my life as an erotic writer. My daughter has a friend where her parents may be so overprotective that they would always make excuses why their child could not come over to our house to play. Their daughter will call and ask me if she can come over and visit with my daughter and her parents would say yes and then they would change their mind and say no at the last minute which would leave my daughter distraught. I understood because my kids say I am extremely overprotective as well

Mile High: An erotic tale

It was the first time I was flying alone.   It’s not the first time I’ve been on a plane, but is the first time I was on one by myself. I was nervous. My husband got me off with lots of kisses but I was still nervous and stressed. I made it painlessly through security. I slipped my shoes back on and made it through the mesh of souvenir shops and caf├ęs to my gate. B-16. I checked my boarding pass and the numbers matched up. I still had 30 minutes until they started boarding for this flight. I was getting more nervous the closer it got to me getting on the plane. Though I have flown before, it was much different when you fly alone. I distracted myself and tried to calm my nerves by texting some friends and take advantage of the airport Wi-Fi service. After a few minutes of surfing the net, I felt eyes on me. I looked up to see a man casually leaning back in his seat with one leg folded across the other – staring at me. I looked away and back at my laptop. My o

Top Ten Women Sexual Fantasies

I found this list and I found it so interesting that I wanted to share it with you. It was interesting to me because I have so many of these fantasies. I’ll let you know which ones relate to me. 1.      Getting it on with a coworker (This is a fantasy of mine) 2.      Voyeuristic pleasure: Many women get off on the idea of being watched and lusted after. (This is a fantasy of mine) 3.      Sex with multiple people (This would probably be my #1 fantasy) 4.      Playing the victim: Some women fantasize about being submissive (Oh, this is a fantasy of mine) 5.      Sex with a stranger: Sex-without-strings-attached is popular for the unlimited possibilities it offers. (This is a fantasy of mine) 6.      Dominatrix in play 7.      Pleasure all over: Being kissed or licked from head to toe (Don’t have to fantasy when it’s a reality ;-) ) 8.      Being pampered: Women dream of simple pleasures like being given a bath or a massage turning into some sexual fun. (W