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Top Ten Naughty Things I Like Said to Me in Bed.

1.        “You taste so good.” 2.        " Get on your hands and knees, sweetheart… and wait like a good girl." 3.        “Sit on my face.” 4.        “You like the way my dick taste?” 5.        “You are so fucking wet!” 6.        “You look so sexy when you do that” 7.        " Lie back and shut up! I’m going to make you come until you can’t breathe." 8.        " Don’t you dare come until I say you can!" 9.        " Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you." 10.   " You little slut, I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk!"

A Bad Girl Curse

I stood frozen and stared at gun sticking in my face. Completely naked,   I was shaking and my heart began to race. This woman wanted to kill me and there was nothing that I could do in my vulnerable state. My life flashed before my eyes and all I could think and ask myself was…when will I learn?   When will I learn to stay away from the bad girls. It never goes well for me. There is always something that goes wrong and I am the one that gets hurt. Yet here I am in another one’s bed wondering if I will get to walk out of here and live to see another day. It all started when I met her in a club one that I normally frequent. I should never have been in the club in the first place. I was newly single and just got away from my last bad girl encounter. I had enough of her cheating finally found the courage to leave. I vowed to myself that I would never fall for such a woman and for the past 3 months I have stayed away for my usual club spots... until tonight. I was becoming restle

Top 10 Reasons to Have Sex

1.) Sex leads to better sleep. 2.) Having sex one or 2 times a week boosts your immune system. 3.) Sex can relieve menstrual cramps and headaches. 4.) Men who have sex often lower their chances of having a heart attack by 50%.   5.) Sex relieves tension.     6.) Sex activates your taste buds 7.) The more a man ejaculates the less likely it is for him to develop prostate cancer. 8.) Sex burns calories 9.) Sex fights aging 10.) Sex boost self-esteem

My Adventures in Going Bald… Down There

So normally, I’m trimmed between my legs. But lately I have opted to go completely bare down there. For a couple of reasons: I want to know how it felt to be completely bald and I also figured out that it might turn my husband on even more if I were completely smooth. I would do anything to please him.. So yes right now as I write this my sweet pussy is now officially bald. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It took a lot of failed experiments for me to get that way however. I went through a lot and had some not so great experiences. Some women make it seem so easy and yet, I was almost ready to throw in the towel. My First Attempt: Shaving   My first go to thing was shaving. I tried many different razors. The more expensive they are the better they worked but that worked only to an extent.   Shaving is not always the best option for me. Shaving is crazy down there for me. I hate it. I also hate the razor bumps afterward. I’ve tried everything

She Was Sweet To The Taste: an erotic tale

She was sweet to the taste. She tasted like honey and molasses or so my best friend described. He should know better than me right? He had her in his bed every night. I was his best friend and so I had to listen every time he wanted to talk about her. Whenever they would fight, he always wanted to vent about their problems and how much of a bitch she could be. I always asked him why he stayed with her if she was so awful to him. In the beginning I didn’t like her and could not believe he was with her in the first place. He didn’t have to tell m she was a bitch. That is when he would lean back on the couch or the hard seats in our favorite bar and smile. I knew that smile. It was the smile of a sexually satisfied man, a whipped man. That is when he would begin to describe the chocolate beauty he was fortunate to call his wife. He always started with her amazing curves. “I love to run my hands up the silky thighs and watch as she giggled because it tickled,” he would say.

The Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Grateful to be a Woman

1.) Women live longer than men. 2.) We can fake an orgasm convincingly. 3.) We can get laid anytime we want. 4.) We can masturbate more in a day than men. 5.) Women smell better.   6.) Women look better naked. 7.) We hit our sexual peak in our 30s. 8.) Chocolate can solve all of our problems. 9.) We can have multiple orgasms. 10.) Our genitalia is not on the outside .

My Filthy Little Mouth that matches My Filthy Mind.

I have been told that I have a pretty aggressive potty mouth.   What can I say? I can’t help it. My mother had a potty mouth.   However, my husband knows that on top of my dirty mouth, I also have a very filthy mouth in bed. Dirty, nasty filthy talk in bed is one of my guilty pleasures. I love to talk dirty. It gets me and my husband excited when I tell him everything I want to do to him and everything I want him to do to me. My husband loves it just as much as I do. His favorite thing for me to tell him is that this is his pussy. He is very possessive in bed! And he goes crazy when I scream his name and tell him that it all belongs to him. I love it when he talks dirty while he eats my pussy. I watch him as he licks it and tells me how good I taste. He tells me he can’t wait to taste my cum. I love it when a man talks dirty to me and dominates me in bed with his words, but I love it when a sweet talking woman talks dirty to me as well. I am getting wet just thinking

In Dreams

In dreams   From my short story Anthology "Insomnia: What happens when you can't sleep" I couldn’t sleep. Listening to her whimper all night was driving me crazy. I was trying to focus on the same dream that I had been having every night. I loved the feeling I got when I closed my eyes. When I did, I would see the love of my life. Unfortunately, that is the only way I get to see her lately…in my dreams. It wasn’t long ago when she was mine and I had her all to myself. I could still feel the soft touch of her hand and the delicate way she ran her fingers through my hair. I missed the moments when we would sit quietly together early in the morning watching the sunrise bring us a new beginning and a new day. When it was just the two of us we never slept. We were so wrapped up in each other we barely ate. The sex was incredible and every time I dreamed, I would dream about the last time we made love. I remember it just like it was yesterday.

Top Ten facts about sex you may not know

1.) The average speed of a guy's ejaculation is 28 miles per hour. 2.) The nerve endings of the clitoris extend into the vulva which is why grinding feels so good. 3.) Research shows married man have greater arousal and more pleasurable sex. 4.) A woman's odds of climaxing goes up as she ages. 5.) Women can have wet dreams. It happens during REM. 6.) Exercise can make a woman orgasm. The number one exercise that does this… crunches. 7.) Couples in the US regularly choose from 40 different sexual positions. 8.) Semen is made mostly of sugar. 9.) Your body temperature rises when a man touches your chest or face as opposed to your arms or hands 10.) Sex can boost your immune system.

Excerpt from "Diary of a Wanted Woman"

"Diary of a Wanted Woman" will be out soon.   But here is my New Years gift to you. An excerpt from the novel.   Diary of a Wanted Woman   “I guess the rumors are true.” I was confused. I didn’t know that there were any rumors about me except maybe that my pussy was good via Jonas. “What rumors?” “That you and Castor are together.” What in the world was he talking about? Was David telling people we were together? “Why do you think David and I are together?” He rubbed his face with his hand and sighed. “He doesn’t shut up about you. When I saw you in the tunnel I didn’t know you were his girl. I asked around and figured it out.” “David and I are not a couple. We are just really great friends…” “With benefits?” he interrupted. I averted my eyes. He laughed. “Are you willing to end that to spend some time with me?” What he had to offer me had better be the best sex in the world. David wa

The Chasers

Some people learn their lessons the hard way. It takes something to scare the shit out of you before you learn. My best friend Jasmine and I were that type. We spent most of our time watching ghost shows and wondering what it would be like to stay in those haunted houses. We were obsessed with ghost and the paranormal. We decided that we just had to take our things and go on a search for our own ghostly encounter. We were graduating from college and soon we would part ways. Jasmine suggested that we take our spring break and go on a road trip across the country. I was so excited! I was hoping that we could find some sexy guys along the way as well. We hoped that we would find and be attracted to some paranormal fanatics like us. We loaded up the car, gassed up and headed out on the most fantastic road trip ever. She had it all mapped out for us and we spent our days in some of the creepiest spots around the country. We visited abandoned insane asylums, haunted old mans