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Throw Back Erotic Fridays

*"Call Me Daddy" will be back next Friday. Until Then I want to get in the Christmas Spirit in September! Here is the Beginning of my Story "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" This will be a new book coming soon December 2016. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Christmas time at the mall was always crazy and for the past three years I have found myself with all the other crazy people waiting on Santa Claus.    I never like bringing my kids here but my husband insisted they should see Santa and take pictures.   Of course, he was not the one to bring them. That was my job. Now, I stand here in line for hours with my kids just waiting for each one to tell Santa Claus they want something that mommy and daddy can’t afford. The parting gift is a crappy picture that always ends up with my mother in law.   My husband insists that it makes him and the kids happy. That is all that should matter.    There was a problem. Their happiness was the only thing that always

Call Me Daddy : Part 8

Richard Lambert We sat in the hotel room in silence. I could not find the right or appropriate words to say. I stared at her face unable to comprehend what I was seeing. “Can you not look at me like that?” she asked returning her sunglasses to her bruised face. There was a massive bruise on her cheek and deep inside I wanted to kill the person that did this to her, but there was a problem. She claimed that this was caused by my daughter. “You’re telling me that my daughter did this to you and I have no idea what to do or say.” It was hard for me to believe that the child I raised would do this to anyone. Jodi was a gentle and loving soul. Everyone loved her and no one ever had a problem with her. Needless to say, I was skeptical and was starting to believe that she did this to herself for attention. I mean she only called me for help. She asked me to meet her at this hotel saying that it was an emergency. I reluctantly agreed to come. I had been trying hard to stay a

Call Me Daddy: Part 7

Jodi Lambert I’ve been watching her trying to figure out what was going on. Lately, she had been distant and sex has been non-existent. Today I finally discovered what was going on and I wanted answers. I watched her while she cooked dinner. I watched as she seemed so carefree singing to herself while she mixed the spaghetti and the sauce. She seemed to be in a great mood. I believed it was because she had sex all day. Glad one of us dd. I was miserable and horny. I just watched her feeling my blood pressure rising. Eventually, dinner was ready and we sat down at the table to eat. I kept my eyes on her wondering when I would confront her about what I know. Dinner was quiet. We ate and very few words were exchanged. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed to inform her that I know her secret. I know that I am not the only one she is giving her time to and lately I have been getting less and less of her time. “Where were you doing today at lunch?” I asked shoving s