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Call Me Daddy

Part 1: Jodi Lambert “Get over here,” I ordered pulling her close to me. “It has been too long and I need to fuck you right now. “Come on,” she giggled.  “Your parents are here. “ I kissed her neck gently. We were up late at night in the den, trying to finally have some alone time without my parents. My mom and dad have been here visiting for a week and since their arrival, RenĂ©e has not wanted to make love to me. She has been afraid my parents would hear us. I can understand her fears. She can get really loud when she moans from pleasure. My parents have made it no better, staying up with us watching movies and chatting when all I want to do is take her upstairs to our bedroom and fuck her all night. I could not get out of my mind all the nasty and freaky things I wanted to do to her. “Baby, they are completely knocked out. My mom takes sleeping pills to sleep and my dad snores so loud I doubt they will hear a thing.” Plus I brought her to the den trying t