It's About Time : an erotic tale

“Sit on my face.” He demanded
didn't hesitate.  I clumsily took off my underwear.
I climbed over his head and placed my let my pussy hover over his face. Slowly I lowered my body until his tongue made contact.
The first contact was always the best as his tongue glided up and down from my tight juicy wet hole and back again.
“Oh” I moaned with pleasure as his hands gripped my ass taking time to perform magic tricks on my pussy.
I held on to the headboard trying not to suffocate him. We were that way for a while and nothing was happening. I was getting so frustrated. After 20 minutes I didn't think that I could come. My mind was somewhere else.
What do I need to this week?
Do we have enough Laundry detergent for laundry?
The car needs an oil change.
I need to buy groceries.
These thoughts lately have clouded my mind stopping me from having an amazing orgasm like I deserve. I needed to clear my mind and focus on the pleasure.  Ten more minutes I gave up. My mind was to clouded to feel what I wanted to feel.
I climbed off his face and gave him the chance to breathe..
“What are you doing?”
“This isn’t working.”
He smiled.
“Lay back,” he said.
 I did as I was told and laid on my back
“Close your eyes and think erotic thoughts.  Find your erotic happy place.”
Taking his advice, I opened my legs and let him finish what he started. 
While he worked my pussy masterly, I searched for my erotic happy place.

I remembered the time that we had sex, hot dirty sex, and Apple Orchard. I was hot and ready in the warm vineyard.  I sucked him off until he came in my mouth. Then he went to work on me until I spilled my juices onto the fertile ground.
 Or the time he took me and my wet pussy from behind and pounded it until I came all over his hard dick. I could hear his moans and they drove me wild until I came again.

He was right thinking dirty thoughts were getting me closer to my orgasm as he licked and sucked on my clit.
“Oh,” I moaned.
“That’s right come for me.” He said as he shoved two fingers in my pussy.

I continued to think erotic thoughts. I thought about the time we had sex in the shower. We were all wet and the shower was so steamy. The shower walls were slippery and it was so hard for me to hold on as he pummeled my pussy.  Wet and begging for rougher and harder, I came loudly glad that we had the night to ourselves with no kids.

My orgasm was close. He moved his fingers in and out as he continued to lick my clit. Suddenly the dam was broken and my orgasm flooded my body. I moaned louder than I had ever in my life. He didn't stop though. He continued to lick me riding my orgasm with me. When he was done, he just stared at me and smiled.  
                                                             “Was it good?”
I just nodded.

I was still wallowing in the first orgasm I have had in months.


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