Excerpt from "Prohibited II: Illicit Affairs"

“Now that the boy is asleep. What kind of trouble can we get into?” I asked leading her down the hallway to my bedroom.
She laughed.
“I think you already have something in mind. Yet, hold your horses’ cowboy. We need to talk. I came here so that we could talk.” She said hands on her hips with one eyebrow raised.
She wanted me to think she was serious but I could see the smile in her eyes. I moved closer to her removing her hands from her hips and placing them around my neck.
 “I want to fuck you. If you want to talk, you can talk only after I fuck you senseless.  It has been too long since I last had you in my bed and I have been obsessing over the moment when you came back to me and I get to taste your sweet pussy.  Then, I’m going to fuck you. Is that clear?” I whispered so Mitchell wouldn’t hear me.
She smiled.
“I didn’t say we couldn’t fuck. You think you are the only one that has missed feeling you inside of me. Oh, please do fuck me. Then we talk.”
I laughed. Just another reason why I love her, she can talk shit with the best of them.
I didn’t hesitate. I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We began to kiss as I carried her down the hallway to my bedroom. When we entered the room, I laid her gently on my bed.
I began slowly undressing her. When she smooth, flawless dark skinned body was naked on my bed, I quickly undressed myself.  I stared at her beautiful body while I ran my fingers across her stomach and down the family between her beautiful breasts. I traced my steps back down her body and ended up between her legs. I felt her tighten with anticipation.
I wanted to drive her crazy.
I wanted to make her wait.
I ran my fingers up and down her inner thigh. She shuttered. I looked up at her and noticed her eyes were closed but her hands were very active squeezing and releasing her large soft breasts.
I was so captivated just watching. She slid her hand down until they joined mine. She pushed mine out of the way and plunged two fingers into her tight juicy hole.
She gasped as her fingers made entry.
“Mmm…” she moaned.
I watched her play with herself for a while and then finally I decided to take over. I removed her fingers and replaced them with my tongue. The sweet taste and smell of her took over my senses. I was so hungry for her and I ate her pussy furiously.
“Michael, please. I want to come in your mouth.” She whimpered grabbing a handful of my hair in her hands. I could feel her clit harden into a stiff peak.
Suddenly her body jerked and knowing her orgasm was coming,  I quickly plunged my hard cock inside of her.
“Oh Michael shit!” She shrieked.
“Cara, quiet. Mitchell may hear you, my love.” I whispered while lifting one of her legs up to my shoulder. Suddenly she came and there was no way of quieting the loud moans that escaped from her mouth. I continued to fuck praying that Mitchell was not hearing any of this. It is unusual for me to have such loud and aggressive sex in this room. Therefore, I really don’t know if these walls can absorb the sound.
I continued to fuck her as she orgasm. It seemed to last forever. Finally, I came hard inside of her hair as if 

I had emptied myself of all the stress and frustration that had been filling me for so long. I collapsed on her

chest and placed kisses on her lips, neck and shoulders.

      Eventually I rolled onto the sot plush pillow top bed I recently bought to appease Maxine. We both just 

laid there in silence. She curled her body against mine and laid her head on my chest. It felt so good to hold 



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