One Night Stand Chronicles - Belinda


By the time I went to college, I had watched enough porn to make my next experience better.
Yet, I am not sure anyone would have been ready for Belinda.
Belinda was a mean bitch. She always had something mean to say about other people. When my group got together, she would always take small digs at everyone. I would dream of shutting her up by sticking my dick in her mouth.  Actually, I wanted to do much more than that. 
She was a short spitfire with an hourglass figure and breasts that made your mouth water. Her family came to the United States from Costa Rica and she carried herself with an aura of high maintenance and self-importance. That’s probably why she was a bitch. She was gorgeous and she knew it.
My senior year in college she joined our group as a transfer.  She seemed very nice at first. Then she turned into this little tiny bitchy monster. At least that is what the other women in the group said.  Her bitchy ways didn’t bother me when we decided to go on a road trip and ended in this hotel in a small town. She had a room to herself because none of the other women wanted to share a room with her.
Right before we headed to our rooms, she gave me her spare key.
“Make sure you use it tonight.”
So like she said, I used her key and entered her room. I closed the door and walked around the corner to see her sprawled out on the bed with her legs opened with a large dildo showed into her dripping pussy.
“Hey papi, you want some of this pussy?”
I nodded.
I ‘ve never undressed so fast in my life. I had the opportunity to have sex with a girl my age and she was much hotter than my mother’s friend was. I climbed on the bed and went straight for her pussy.
I buried my head between her legs and savored her juices. I lapped at her devouring what I could. She moaned and squirmed underneath me. She threw head back and held on to the sheets.
“You have definitely done this before.” She said as her breathing became more and more uneven. 
I stopped and looked up at her.
“I have never done this before.” I said before I went back to eating and licking her. 
“You could have fooled me!” She said moaning and digging her fingers into my hair.
I licked her until she came and I thought that was the end of it. 
I was wrong.
Before I knew it she was on top of me. We kissed and I was done for. I was in love…almost. I still remembered that she was a bitch and I was not going to get stuck with that. I was clearly smarter than that. However, her kisses were so good. You what was better? Feeling her slowly lower her pussy and envelop my hard dick deeply inside of her. He rode me like some crazy pill popping cowgirl.  I placed my hand on her back and that only made her yell at me.
“Suck my titties and squeeze my ass.” She demanded. 
I was happy to oblige. Then I realized I didn’t wear a condom. I felt it was the gentlemanly thing to do to tell her.
“Well, um…I don’t have a condom on.”
She didn’t stop.
“Just pull out.” She said breathlessly.
“Um…pull out?”
She continued to fuck me until she came hard screaming and calling my name.
I laid there not moving.
“C’mon you pussy. Come on my face. I told you was a Bitch."
I rolled over and got on my knees. She grabbed my dick and began to masturbate me. It felt so good and it didn’t take long for me to come and spill my hot cum all over her face. I hightailed it out of there after that.
I found out later that she fucked every guy on the trip. I was worried about not using a condom.  I was happy all the homies got some. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I was just looking to fuck. Yet, I am still worried.


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