One Night Stand Chronicles : Diana


My boss invited me and a few other co-workers up to his cabin with his family. He urged us there would be room for us and our husband and wives. Of course I have neither so I came alone knowing that being there alone would be a very awkward and bad idea. 

The problem would come because I had a mad lust crush on his daughter Diana. She was 19 and a little birdie told me she was nicknamed “Dirty Diana”.  I knew being under the same roof as she was would be a very bad idea.

Everyone arrived ready to get our vacation started. And yes, Diana was here looking as sexy as sexy as everyone I knew described. She was tall with perfect dark skin.  She was wearing a flowing ankle length black skirt with a white and black checkered tube top. Her hair was naturally curly as it flowed down her cheeks. Her eyes were beautifully large and innocent. I tried not to stare but I could not help it. I don’t think I have ever seen a woman so beautiful and yet I wasn’t interested in a relationship. I just wanted to fuck.

This was my boss’s daughter. How would he feel if I dined and dashed his daughter under his roof? I decided that fucking her would only happen in my dreams. 

“I am glad everyone could make it. We have a lot planned for tomorrow. I suggest you get something to eat and head to bed. Everyone is going to need a good night’s sleep.” He chuckled which made me worry what in the world he had planned for us.

I arrived late so I immediately headed to my bedroom after we all got our bedroom assignments. My room was built for two and so I had the advantage of having plenty of room. I had what appeared to be the Spa Room because that is the feeling I got when I stripped down and laid my naked body across the soft down comforter. I decided this was how I was going to sleep tonight. I would just lock the door.

I fell asleep but was awaken by the hardness in my dick. I began to rub myself. I didn’t know how I was going to get any sleep without coming all over my hand.  I continued to stroke myself thinking of fucking Diana. I just wanted to start by licking all over her chocolate body and feeling her squirm underneath me. I wanted to feel her lips on my mouth as our tongues played with each other.

I could hear a woman moaning and I thought my imagination was playing tricks on me until I heard it a little louder coming from outside the other side of my wall. I didn’t know who had the room next to mine but whoever it was seemed to be having a good time.  I decided I could hear better if I went outside the door in the hallway.

I climbed out of bed and put on a pair of boxers. I slowly opened my door and walked into the hall. The room was to my right and I could see that the door was cracked. I knew that I was risking a lot by doing what I planned to do but curiosity pushed me forward until I was right at the room.

The door was slightly ajar and so I peeked inside. I saw Diana lying on her bed.  She was completely nude lying on top of the comforter. Her beautiful legs were spread wide open and her moans were induced by her fingers inside of her pussy.

I was entranced watching her masturbate running her fingers across her clit. My dick was throbbing and my arousal was painful.

Without realizing it, I began to touch myself. I stifled my own moans while I watched her. I wanted to get a better look and decided to open the door a little. I didn’t anticipate the squeak the door would make that sent her eyes shooting open and making contact with mine.
I was frozen in place not sure what to do. She kept her eyes on me and continued to touch herself. After a few minutes, she motioned for me to come to her.
I hesitated at first then she pressed two fingers inside of her juicy hole and I knew I could not deny her anymore. I walked into her room closing the door behind me. It felt like a dream standing at the bottom of her bed watching her. She pulled her fingers out and held them out to me. I was virtually shaking with desire and fear. I wanted her so badly but I couldn’t help but to think that fucking her right now may be my ticket to unemployment hell.
She pushed her fingers toward me again and without thinking any further, I sat down on the bed and grabbed her fingers. I pushed them into my mouth and tasted her sweet juices. Her sweet pussy was worth being fired over.
A large smile spread across her face as I sucked at her fingers desperately. She suddenly pulled her fingers from me and motioned for me to taste the real thing. I felt my body tighten up I wanted her so badly.

“Come on,” she said playing with herself.

I shook my head no and stood to leave but she caught me and pulled me down to her. I melted into her. I kissed her and felt her hands began to roll all over my body. We kissed. I felt my hands glide up her thighs and find its way to the wetness between her legs. She cried out as my fingers entered her.

I let them glide in and out and she threw her head back against the pillow. I continued to pleasure her with my fingers. I realized that just fingering her was not enough for me and I needed more of her. I let my mouth trail down her body. I reached her breasts and I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. I did this while keeping my fingers inside of her. Then I continued down until I reached her navel dipping my tongue for a second. I continued to move further and further down.

Eventually I replaced my fingers with my moist tongue. She moaned at the first contact of my tongue to her clit and her juicy hole. I licked her clit with my tongue while inserting my fingers again, inside of her working her. I worked her with my tongue tasting her, wanting her while my own arousal grew. Suddenly her body jerked and she grabbed me. I felt her wall squeeze my fingers as she came hard moaning loudly.
I used that opportunity to take off my shorts and mount her pushing my body between her legs. With all the blood rushing to my dick, I didn’t think to use a condom. I thrust inside of her and felt her legs wrap around my waist

“Oh fuck me hard.” She demanded.

I pulled out and made her turn over.  Her fat ass was in the air and I plunged deep inside her. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. Her face was smashed into the covers and she help on to the mattress as I pounded her pussy. Her moans were getting louder and louder and I was starting to think that if I heard her from my room, someone else just may hear us fucking in here. Suddenly I felt that familiar urge to explode. I came hard inside of her moaning myself almost as loudly as she did. Her pussy was the best I had in a long time. 

I could not enjoy it for long. There was a knock at her door. We both jumped up and I rolled off the bed and crawled underneath it. I heard her scramble around and then open the door. 

“Dad what’s wrong?” she said still sounding out of breath.

"I was going to ask you the same thing. What’s going on in here?”

I heard muffled talking after that and then the door closing. I didn’t plan to move until she gave the all clear. 

Suddenly I saw her face appear. She was on her knees looking under the bed at me. She was smiling.

“Ready for round two?”


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