The One Night Stand Chronicles : Elizabeth

I could not believe what she was doing. As the waiter sat down our drinks, I listened as she told her parents she was on a date with “a black guy with a big cock.”
I drank my glass of water in disbelief and amusement. There was a couple next to us at the next table and they seemed shocked by the profane words coming from her beautiful mouth. I knew what they were thinking. “She’s too pretty to talk like that.”
Okay, maybe that was what I was thinking.
Finally, she hung up her phone and looked at me.
“My parents are fucking assholes.” She said taking a sip of her drink.
I laughed.
“Whoa, what could your parents have done to make you say that?”
She sighed.
“They hate black people.”
I wasn’t surprised by her words. The college town I now lived in was the type of place where such racist things were said without guilt or remorse. It only made me laugh harder to hear her say it that way. She chuckled as well and began to tell me why she hated her parents so much.
She was rebellious and in college, she did everything she could to piss off her parents. According to her, it would give them a heart attack knowing she was out with a black man. She wanted to piss them off and drive them crazy.
She was a short petite blonde with the beauty and personality of the girl next door. She was smart and sweet, someone I could have started a real relationship with her.
Almost perfect.
However, no one is perfect and her background proved to be her greatest flaw. Her parents were from Mississippi and they did not believe that the races should mix. They were the type of people that claimed they were not racist but their lifestyle and their beliefs proved otherwise.
I knew, after hearing about her parents, no relationship would work between us. Her parents were too “white power” for my taste yet that did not change my mind of what I wanted to do to their daughter. I had been thinking about it all day.
I thought about her head of blonde hair bouncing up and down as she sucked on my dick.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked me.
I made up some lie. I didn’t want to be honest here and ruin my chances of fucking her later. Now I realize, nothing I said would have detoured her from getting a taste of me. It was her goal all along. I wasn’t complaining.
I didn’t have to wait long to implement my thoughts. After dinner, we headed back to her place. She seemed anxious to get me there. I had a feeling she felt as much of the sexual tension as I did or was it more of a turn on for her to do something so forbidden in her world. It didn’t matter to me. 
I just wanted to fuck.
We ended up right away in her bedroom, kissing and relieving each other of our clothing. I had to grab her hands as she tried to rip my shirt from my body. Ordinarily I would let her, but my mom gave me this shirt.
We climbed on the bed and just as I imagined she began to suck me off. I looked down and watched as her lips moved up and down my shaft. I have to admit, this was the best head I encountered in my life at that point. It took everything I had not to come instantly. I didn’t want her to think I was a quick shot, so I tried to hold on as she licked the length of my shaft and then recaptured the head in the warmth of her mouth.
When it felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed her off me. I flipped her on her back and parted her legs. She was very wet and I was ready to take advantage of it. My fingers found her wetness.
Her pussy was so wet and hot.  She moaned as I played with her clit.  I inserted two fingers into her dripping hole. She squirmed and moaned. It was incredible how she bounced her ass up and down fucking herself with my fingers. 
I slipped two more fingers into her pussy.  She moaned increasing her gyration on my hand. She did such a good job using my fingers to fuck her that she came hard on my fingers.
“Oh yes,” she cried out.

I could feel her juices drip down my hand and forearm.  It turned me on. I was ready to fuck. I instructed her to point her creamy white ass in the air. With two hands on each cheek, I pounded her pussy. It was weird that while I fucked her I thought about her parents and how their racist mind would react if they knew their pretty blonde daughter was being fucked with my big black dick. 


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