Call Me Daddy: Part 7

Jodi Lambert

I’ve been watching her trying to figure out what was going on. Lately, she had been distant and sex has been non-existent.
Today I finally discovered what was going on and I wanted answers. I watched her while she cooked dinner. I watched as she seemed so carefree singing to herself while she mixed the spaghetti and the sauce. She seemed to be in a great mood. I believed it was because she had sex all day. Glad one of us dd.
I was miserable and horny. I just watched her feeling my blood pressure rising. Eventually, dinner was ready and we sat down at the table to eat. I kept my eyes on her wondering when I would confront her about what I know.
Dinner was quiet. We ate and very few words were exchanged. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed to inform her that I know her secret. I know that I am not the only one she is giving her time to and lately I have been getting less and less of her time.
“Where were you doing today at lunch?” I asked shoving some spaghetti in my mouth.
She looked up at me. She tried to stay calm and cool. Yet her eyes were giving her away. They were darting around the room while she thought of a lie to tell me.
“I worked out and ate lunch here. It was a quiet afternoon.” Her response did not please me. It upset me. She was lying and that hurt more than what she was doing.
I glared at her.
“You are fucking lying and you know it.” My goal was to stay calm and ease into the conversation but my emotions got the best of me.
She looked like a deer in headlights.
“What do you mean?” she asked looking down as she continued to eat her dinner.
I was livid. I had been suspicious lately and I informed my neighbor who is also my best friend. Today she saw a man leaving my apartment. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except the man and Renée were kissing passionately. She didn’t get a good look at the man but she thought she might have seen him before. 
I normally would have cheeked with Renée before I jumped to any conclusions but her behavior lately has me suspicious. There have been late night phone calls, coming home late only to run straight to the shower.
“Just tell me the truth.” I said folding my arms across my chest. I did that in order to not strangle her.
“If I knew what you were talking about I would answer you.”
That was the last straw. Her denial only made me angrier. I lost all my control. I swept my arms across the table knocking all the dishes and food to the floor. She jumped back in her chair avoiding the flying debris.
“What the hell is wrong with you Jodi?” she asked jumping out of her seat. “What is your fucking problem?”
She wanted know what my problem? I guess I need to let her know. I walked around the table through the broken dishes and food. I walked up to her and slapped her as hard as I could across her face. She stumbled and almost fell to the ground.
“My problem bitch is you sleeping around with men behind my back. Kameron saw some man leaving my apartment. She also saw you kissing him. Is that why you’re not fucking me?”
I could feel my chest getting tighter and it felt like I couldn’t breathe.
“You promised you wouldn’t hit me anymore.” She said hold her hand on her face.
 I ignored her comment.
“Who the fuck is this guy Renée?”
She opened her mouth to speak but closed it. It was fine with me. I knew I would not believe anything that would have come out of her mouth.
“I know you are fucking him and you need to stop fucking him or I am going to fuck you up. I walked up to her and she backed up until she was between and the kitchen wall. Our faces were inches away from each other. She tried to moved but I put my hands against the wall on either side of her face.
“He was just the delivery man,” she said. “I just kissed him on the cheek to be nice…”
I slapped her in the face again
“I don’t believe you.”
I pressed my body against hers. I began to kiss her on the neck and down her collar bone. She stiffened and turned her head. She tried o move away from me but I pinned her against the wall.
“What’s wrong huh?” I asked her. “Don’t you want to fuck me?”
I began to kiss her. I could tell she didn’t want to kiss me back. She was fighting me and that only made me angry. I pulled back and slapped her across the face. The slap stunned her and her eyes were as wide as a deer’s caught in the headlights of a car. I tried kissing her again and this time she kissed me back. I slid my tongue in her mouth and began searching for hers. I let my hands roam her body. I was in need and we were going to fuck whether she liked it or not.
I pulled back and began to undress her. I started with her pants and began to pull the down to her ankles. She didn’t move. She didn’t help me undress her at all. She stood rigid and made it difficult for me to remove her shirt.
I didn’t let that stop me. I slid my hand into her panties and lt my fingers explore her pussy like I have done so many times before she began to hold out on me. She gasped when I found her wetness. I knew that it felt good to her but she continued to fight me.
“Please we can’t do this. Not while you are so angry!” she exclaimed.
That just made me angrier. She didn’t care about me. She just wanted to be with this loser she has been fucking on the side. I have spent years putting my all into her and this is the way she treats me? Lying and cheating.
I began to finger her vigorously. She wanted to protests but it felt so good.. I wanted to make her come as hard as I could. No man could make her feel the way that I made her feel or how I was making her feel right now.
She threw her head back and her eyes rolled shut. I wanted more than just to finger fuck her. I dropped to my knees. When she felt my tongue on her pussy she melted. I felt her knees buckle some, so I held them firmly as I ate her.
She leaned against the stall wall while I devoured my pussy. I wanted to show her that she was mine and so was her body. It all belonged to me and no one was going to take her away from me.

While I ate her, I undid my own pants and slid my hand into my panties. She used the wall for support and I used one hand to hold onto her and the other pleasuring myself. I ate her as if my sole purpose on this earth was to eat her. She whined and moaned unable to decided if she was upset with me or did not want me to stop. It felt so good and I could feel my orgasm building. 


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