I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (part 4)

Christmas Day…

“Shhh…” I said hoping to soothe the crying baby in my arms. 
It was 6am and I was shocked no one was awake yet. I thought the constant crying of a 10 month old would have had the entire house up and ready to open gifts. Yet no one stirred except me and the baby. It was fine by me. I wasn’t ready to face anyone just yet. I didn’t get much sleep. My mind was focused on the day before and the encounter that put my life with my family in jeopardy.
I slept with a man I did not know with my kids and in-laws not far away. What was wrong with me? I never in a million years thought I was capable of cheating on my husband. I was disgusted with myself. Yet, deep down inside in some remote corner of my soul I had never felt more alive. Every time I thought about my encounter with the mall Santa, my sex would drip with anticipation of feeling that way again.
I looked down to see that the baby was fast asleep. I placed him in his crib and quietly exited the room closing the door behind me. I walked down the hall and down to the living room. I sat on the couch and stared at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.  I knew that soon the house would be filled with joyous noises of people clambering for their gifts. I was no longer in the mood to celebrate.
The entire morning went by in a blur. The kids opened their gifts and the adults did an exchange. My mind wasn’t present and I didn’t register that my mother in-law signed me up for cooking classes. I was in a daze throughout breakfast and through the movie and games that followed.
At lunch I barely paid attention as my sister in-law complained about the service at the only restaurant we could find open on Christmas Day. My mind was lost in thoughts of sex and how good it felt to be touched, kissed and caressed by someone that couldn’t get enough of you. I wanted so badly to disappear and satiate my desire but there were things I needed to do and soon I found myself in the kitchen cooking dinner with my in-laws.
“Are you going to cut the potatoes so small?”Dorothy asked me.
“It helps them to cook faster,” I replied.
“Someone needs to learn some patience so her food will taste better,” she mumbled under her breath.
I hardly registered her complaint. The ache between my legs was distracting. I wanted so bad to touch myself and come so hard I could barely think straight. Just then my daughter came running into the kitchen. She was carrying a handful of papers, some lip balm and some coins.
“Mommy,” she said discarding everything in her hand on the counter. “Jacob and Jay Jay were playing with your coat and dumped everything out of your pockets.”
I sighed.
“Kailen,” said Dorothy. “Leave your momma alone and come help grandma fix these potatoes.”
I shook my head. She can’t help finding ways to put me down, I thought.
I collected everything off the counter. I tossed the coins and lip balm in a junk drawer we had in the kitchen and went to the throw the papers away when I noticed a name and a phone number scrawled on a piece of Christmas stationary. I realized immediately it was the phone number to my mall Santa.  Panic attacked my chest and I quickly pocketed the number before anyone saw it.
“I need to use the restroom,” I said before exited the kitchen. I passed my two sons playing with my coat and my husband on the couch watching TV with a sleeping baby on his chest. I raced up the stairs and into my bedroom. I wanted to hide the number. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t instantly want to throw it away. I paced the room pondering three things. Should I toss the number, keep the number or actually call the number. I knew with two of those options I was just thinking with my libido and not my brain or heart.
What could I be thinking? My husband was down stairs with our children and I was up here thinking about calling the man I cheated with. Was it really worth losing my family over? I finally decided I wouldn’t call or keep the number. I took the piece of paper and threw it in the bathroom trash can. I hurried back downstairs to help with dinner.

Later that night after my house was sufficiently destroyed by the numerous toys my kids received, everyone headed to bed. My kids passed out including the baby and I was free to read or pass out myself if I so pleased. I chose the latter and prepared to get, hopefully, a couple of hours of sleep before the baby woke up to nurse.  My husband was in bed reading a book and I knew it was fruitless to try and have sex with him. I turned on the baby monitor and climbed into bed. I turned over and closed my eyes hoping sleep would come soon or the throbbing between my legs would cease.
Suddenly I felt arms pulling me. My husband eased my body toward his. I could tell through my night gown he was completely naked. How did I not notice?
“Jeremy?” I questioned turning over to face him.

He was smiling and leaned in close. We kissed and our tongues found each other after a long hiatus. While we kissed his hands traveled my body. I sat up so he could pull my night gown over my head exposing my naked body. His mouth came to my breasts and I threw my head back invigorated by the pleasure. I needed this so much and I could not wait for him to fuck me senseless.  This is what I wanted. Who needed a secret Santa when you had a sexy husband that made your body ache for his touch?
He continued to suck on my breasts while my hand came to his head caressing it. He brought his lips back to mine and I kissed him hungrily.
“Whoa honey,” he chuckled. “Calm down.”
“I just want you so much,” I moaned.
We kissed again. Then he pulled my panties down my legs. He tossed them over his shoulder then placed himself between my legs.  He began to kiss down my body. He flicked a nipple with his tongue and a moaned escaped from my lips.
He continued his exploration of me and I hoped that he would grant my wish and use his tongue to satisfy the tingling between my thighs.
He had other plans.
He pressed between my legs. I spread them wider in order to let him inside. He entered me and the pleasure was so overwhelming. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pounded me harder and harder making me cry out. His pace was steady and aggressive and I could barely hold on. I knew he must have needed this as badly as I did. Then suddenly I heard the familiar grunt and groan of him coming.
No,no no! I thought.
His breathing was heavy as he rolled off me.
“That was incredible!” he exclaimed.
I laid there trying not to cry. I continued to lay there as he rolled over and passed out. I felt defeated and still aching. I really thought this time it would be different. I thought my needs would finally be met. He didn’t even care that I wasn’t even close to coming when he finished.
Once I was sure he was fast asleep, I grabbed my vibrator and headed to the bathroom. I climbed into the tub and thought about the amazing sex I had with my secret Santa. Jim. Jim was his name. I thought about how hard Jim made me come. I pushed the vibrator in and out getting myself closer. I continued that pattern remembering how Jim’s tongue glided against my clit. It was bliss when he fucked me and made me come all over myself. I couldn’t take it any longer. I came with a silent cry not wanting to wake anyone up.
Immediately I began to cry. I sobbed until there were no longer any tears left to cry. Eventually I decided to clean up. I showered and stood looking in the mirror as I dried off. I felt ashamed at what I had just done. I felt sad that it was what my marriage had come down to. I was a cheater and my husband didn’t want me anymore. I decided that I wasn’t going to let my marriage fall apart. I was going to talk to Jeremy about our sex life and what I can do to make things better.

On my way out of the bathroom, I accidentally knocked over the trash can. Out fell some discarded tissues and paper. I reached down and picked them up and returned them to the bin when I grabbed the piece of Christmas stationary. It was the number Jim gave me. I stared at it for a second. I carried the number back into the bedroom with me. After I dressed I saved the number to my phone under S.C. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with the number. I just thought I would hold on to it…


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