Lusty Encounters: The Dark (part 1)

It was a gloomy and rainy night.   I knew that I should not be walking home this late.  My apartment was at least 2 ½ miles away.  Jim’s Halloween party lasted longer than I expected and I was definitely too drunk to drive.Decked out in my skimpy “Little red riding hood” costume, I ventured into the night and tried to make the 2 ½ mile walk to my apartment.  I have to admit the walk home was a sobering one.  The trees were making sinister shadows and my paranoid mind saw attackers behind every tree and lurking in every alley. 
I picked up the pace when I thought I felt someone following me.  I was not going to stop and look behind me.  The best thing was just to keep moving.  I was confident with my plan and when I heard someone getting closer I broke out in a fully fledged run.  I ran as fast as I could and as long as I could until I ran out of breath.

I couldn’t run anymore.  The alcohol was catching up with me and in a bush near a house, I vomited.  When I was done I looked around.  I was sure that if anyone was following me I had lost them.  I looked behind me and saw nothing and no one.  I felt foolish. 

I turned and began to walk toward my apartment.  It didn’t take long before I got the eerie feeling I was being followed again.  I just kept telling myself that I was paranoid. 

I now wish I had listened to my instincts. 

I continued to walk slowly just hoping that I could make it home.  I prayed if someone was following me they would just leave me alone.  I prayed they would just walk away and let me get home.

Unbeknownst to me… I prayed in vain.

As I approached a familiar street full of old abandoned homes, I felt a chill creep through my body.  There was a rumor about these houses.  They were abandoned because they were haunted.  

There was one house in particular.  It was rumored that several years before several women were found murdered inside. They were all found without any clothes and their bodies were drained of blood.  The only marks on the body were the impression of restraints on the ankles and wrist and…two small punctured wounds on the neck.

I didn’t believe in that stuff.  Besides it was a rumor after all and I had walked past this house before.

 But when I approached that one house…I started to rethink whether I believed or not.  The hairs on the back of my neck sensed the danger because they stood at attention.

The house was gray and very shabby.  Half of the siding was missing and most of the windows were boarded.  There were obvious holes in the roof and the steps leading into the house were dismantled and broken.  The front door was opened and seemed to beckon to me.

As I passed the house I felt a pull to go inside.  I actually turned and look intently at the door.  I had a sense that I needed to inside.  I took two steps toward the house.  Fear took over and I stopped.  What was I thinking? 

Was I really about to go inside?

I turned and began to walk back home.  I started to feel that pull again.  It was unexplainable.

 I needed to go into that house.

 I went back to the house and walked right up to that front door.  My feet were rooted to the spot and I could neither go inside nor walk away.  I could smell death and mold and I consciously tried to back away but I couldn’t. 

The terror that shook my body was unimaginable.  I started to sweat even though it was very cold outside.  I couldn’t stop myself.  My feet were suddenly unanchored and I slowly took a few steps into the dark, dank and spine-chilling house…

What happens when she enters the house…Check back Friday for Part 2


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