Lusty Encounters: The Dark (part 2)

My feet seemed to have a mind of their own.  I stepped into the house and a chill crept up my back.  It was dusty and filthy with spider webs hanging everywhere. I took a few more steps into the house

The smell was almost unbearable but there was something pulling me in further. I put my hand over my mouth and took a few more steps.

I heard the door slam shut behind me and I turned in a flash.   The place was now pitch black and I could barely see anything. 

I felt as if I was in control of my body again and immediately I raced to the door and tried frantically to open it.

 It wouldn’t budge.

Sheer terror took over me when I suddenly felt a presence behind me.  I was too afraid to turn around.  When I did find the courage to look over my shoulder there was no one there.  I tried the door again but still it would not open.  Suddenly, a lamp turned on in the corner.  It illuminated the dark room and I got a better look at the disturbing abandoned home I just stupidly entered.

It looked as if this house has been abandoned since the 1970’s there was filthy shag carpeting everywhere and the lights fixtures were covered in a thick black dust. 

I looked for another way out. 

There were windows in the front but they were all boarded.  I tried prying them off with my hands but it was useless.  I was hoping that there may be a back door or something or that I would find a window that would possible open.  With no choice, I ventured further into the house.  I passed by frames that looked as if they once held pictures but oddly they were just empty frames.  I looked around. There were empty frames everywhere.  There was a couch and tables and throw blankets folded neatly in a arm chair.  It was the weirdest sight.

It looked like whoever lived did not move out.  It appeared that they just ran out with just the clothes on their back.  It was something simple but it made me more anxious.  Whatever is in this house scared the previous ownesr so bad that they just left everything.

I came across a staircase.  There were spider webs covering the railings and there was no light but some dim lighting coming from somewhere upstairs.  Suddenly I felt the same pull again and I instantly wanted to go upstairs. 

Without a second I thought I made the journey up the flight of stairs dodging spider webs along the way.  I almost died on the spot when I reached the top landing.  A herd of mice came running at me.  A few tried to run up my legs but I fought them off tears pouring down my face. 

I am terrified of mice! 

My goodness I hate this place.  So why am I here?  That I could not explain.  I just knew that this was my brain but I was no longer controlling my body fully.  At any given moment something seems to take over me and I can’t help myself. 

Once I was free of the mice I looked and there was a door calling to me.  It was shut but there was a light at the bottom seeping out from the room.  I walked forward slowly afraid there would be more mice. 

I opened the door and I was shocked.  This room was nothing like the rest of the house.  There were candles lit everywhere.  It smelled of sweet lavender perfume and chocolate.  I walked around avoiding candles on the floor and took a tour. 

There was a bed covered in a white furry blanket.  I am not sure what animal this was but it looked comfortable. 

I felt an unexpected welcoming mood and a heightened sense of lust and sexuality.  I could feel myself relaxing and becoming less frightened.  Something somewhere was putting my mind at ease.  Then I felt that familiar feeling that some was behind me.  I didn’t want to turn around.  I felt the little kid in bed hoping that putting the covers over your head will keep away the boogie man.

I just kept my eyes on the bed.  I noticed that attached to the headboard were shackles. I looked at the bottom of the bed and I saw more shackles.  A few tears dripped down my face and I knew that I was in danger.

I felt warm breath on my neck yet I still refused to turn around. I closed my eyes and tried to pray.  I prayed that I would come of this mess alive.  I prayed that the something that brought me here would let me leave.

Then I felt the breath on my ear and a voice said…

“Praying won’t do you any good.”

That was enough to make me spin around. 

I stood face to face with this strangely beautiful man. 

He was white and at least 6” tall.  He had long black hair and young baby face.  He was wearing a long buttoned up black shirt and very tight leather pants.  His shirt was open and I could see his smooth pale skin.  My eyes were drawn to his crotch and the bulge that was pushing against his tight leather pants.  It was weird but I wanted him.  I felt the urge to get on my knees and service him.  My mind wandered to what he would taste like.

“There will be plenty of time for that” he mocked.

What was he?  He was reading my mind and I was afraid to think.

I look him in the eye and instantly I knew that was a mistake.  His eyes left me frozen where I stood.  They were deep pools of midnight blue and they had a light that radiated throughout my body.

He walked around me slowly circling me like he could not wait to devour me.

“You are a perfect specimen my dear.” He said eyeing me up and down. 

My feet were stuck to the floor and I could only stand and let him watch me like a piece of meat.  It was obvious that he was the predator and I was the prey.  He was masterful in catching me.  He was able to turn my body against me.

He approached me and I did not run.  I could not run.  I just stood still as he touched my cheek.  His hand traveled down my costume and the opening that exposed the top of my breast.  Hi fingers lingered there and I watched as he licked his lips.

He moved his hand down my body until they reached the hem of my short dress.  I felt a huge need to feel his hands on me.  I had the urge to beg him to touch me.  Yet I could feel my fear creeping back up to panic me.  His eyes were tricking my body into believe that he was harmless, but I wasn’t completely fooled. 

His hands ventured under and he found my black lacy panties soaking wet.  I was more surprised than he was that I was so turned on.  My heart was pounding and yet I was still hoping that he would release this hunger that felt.

His fingers moved my panties to the side and plunged deep inside of my pussy. My knees buckled and he caught me.  His fingers dipped in and out of my wetness and I could hear myself panting. I was lost in my sensation so I didn’t listen when my gut was telling me that something ugly was about to happen.

Just as I was getting close to coming he removed his fingers.  The sudden movements made me look him in the eye. 

Without warning, he grabbed me by the neck and began to squeeze.  I couldn’t breathe.  I felt my feet dangling.  I was no longer touching the floor.  He was lifting me with just one hand.  I thought this is it.  I’m going to die right here.  I was terrified but I could not scream. I felt myself fading and I felt a huge sense of sadness.  I wasn’t ready to die.

 He was squeezing my neck so hard I couldn’t even plead with him to spare me and let me go.  Before I blacked out I remember seeing him smile.  It was a strange and disturbing smile.  His teeth were what frightened me.  Only two I saw were long and extremely sharp looking. 

What the hell is he?

Want to know what happens next?  Does she die?  Check back Monday for more…I promise it gets dirtier!


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