Conversation with Mi-Mi: A Thanksgiving tale

Helping Mi-Mi complete her first Apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Me: okay you know what the top of an apple pie looks like right? That is what we are going to do.  We have to do the lattice top to the pie.

Mi-Mi: I don’t know

Me: You don’t know what?

Mi-Mi: What an apple pie looks like.

Me: You don’t know what an apple pie looks like?

Mi-Mi: No I have never seen one.

Me: Are you kidding?  You never ate apple pie?

Mi-Mi: No.

Not really in the mood to argue, I just begin to cut the lattice top for the pie.

Mi-Mi: Oh, isn’t that what you did when you made apple pie last year?

I just shake my head. I thought she had never seen or eaten apple pie.


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