Insomnia: Losing My Religion

“Can’t you sleep?” She asked trailing her hand up and down my smooth dark chest. 

I shook my head.

It was hard to turn off the thoughts that were swimming around in my head.

I rolled over and looked at her. 

“I’m not sure I’m supposed to sleep.” I answered.

She laughed. 

I liked her laugh, yet it was one of the many things that kept me awake at night.  That and the immense guilt I felt every time she ended up in my bed.

She was very hard to resist. She was the epitome of temptation.

She was amazing right down to her smooth chocolate legs and incredible pussy. She was short and thick with an hour glass figure. Her ass was massive and her breasts were an even match. She was damn near perfect and I always felt lucky when she bent that ass in the air and beckoned me to enter her tight and wet hole.

Tonight was no different.  I knew I would not get any sleep.

We had already made love and I was doing what I always did afterwards; wallow in my own guilt and eternal damnation. 

After our twice weekly sessions I always found it hard to get any sleep afterwards.  There was always too much guilt. 

She reached over and caressed my face.

“There are so many other things we could do besides sleep.”

She was insatiable, but my dick was still hard and I wanted another piece of her.

Yet, the guilt kept me awake at night. I never knew how she could sleep so peacefully in light of what we were doing. It never seemed to bother her.

She reached over and wrapped her hand around my dick. 

“I can help you relax. You are always so tense.”

She got on all fours poking her ample ass in the air.  She brought her large breasts down and slid my hard dick in-between them.  She spit on my dick as she slid it up and down between her breasts. 

I moaned loving my view.

“Do you like that?” She asked.

I nodded unable to get the words from my mouth.

She removed her breasts and replaced the warmth with her mouth.

I moaned enjoying the sensation of her soft and juicy lips on my shaft.  I tried not to think about her husband and how upset he would be to know his wife spent her free time away from home pleasuring me in so many ways.

The thought kept me out of church on Sundays.  I could never look him in the eye.  I knew I was going to hell.

It was always so difficult to sleep.

Her husband was a lucky man, though I could never figure out how he acquired this dirty, nasty slut as his wife.  There was word that she gave good head and it was not long before her lips were wrapped around my dick.

I looked down and watched as he lips moved up and down my shaft. I loved to watch her suck me off.  She was so good at it.  I watched her lick the length of my shaft and then recaptured the head in the warmth of her mouth. I didn’t think it would take long for me to come.

I reached around searching for her wetness. She grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs.  Her pussy was so wet and hot.  She moaned as I played with her clit.  It intensified the oral she was giving me.

I inserted two fingers into her dripping hole. She squirmed and moaned. It was incredible how she bounced her ass up and down fucking herself with my fingers. 

Yet, she never faltered in her goal to get me off.  I could feel my orgasm building. 

I slipped two more fingers into her pussy.  She moaned increasing her gyration on my hand. She did such a good job using my fingers to fuck her that she beat me to the punch. She moaned and went partially limp for a minute.

“Oh yes,” she cried out.

I could feel her juices drip my hand and forearm.  It turned me on.

She regained her composure and continued to give me pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore. I came hard filling her mouth with my cum. She didn’t hesitate to swallow every last drop. 

We both laid there trying to catch our breaths.  I was unable to fully enjoy my pleasure. The guilt started to creep in and dampen my mood.  I knew she would have to leave soon and go back to him.

It was Saturday and she needed to get back before dinner to help him prepare for tomorrow.  I watched her dress and knew that I would not sleep yet again tonight.

It is hard to sleep when you have been fucking the preacher’s wife for months.

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