Erotic Encounters: Tales of the Paranormal and Preternatural

The moon casts shadows on the ground and your pulse begins to race.  The night calls to you and you find it hard to resist. You’re afraid that there is more to the darkness than meets the eye, but your obsession consumes you.

You feel the physical fixation of the werewolf that seduced you or the sensuous way the sexy and brooding vampire touched you before you succumbed to his hunger.

The howling in the night compels you. The abandoned house that you were so afraid of pulls you in its folds and what lies inside is more than any mortal can handle. 

Erotic Encounters: Tales of the Paranormal and Preternatural is a collection of short stories compiled to make you afraid and turned on the same time.

Because, when the creatures of the night want to have their way with you, there is nothing you can do to stop them.

*This book will be released as an ebook March 1st of this year.  In the meantime You can purchase my novel Prohibited on!

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