My First Time: The Story of me and my erotic encounters. Part 2

My First Time: The Story of me and my erotic encounters

My First Time With A Woman : Part 2

I was startled and still coming down from my orgasmic wave.  I scrambled upwards and placed my back against the plush head board.

 I just stared t her.

“You want me to…”

She smiled and nodded.

“Umm, yes.”

She moved to lie down on her back. She spread her legs opened wide and began to open and close them hoping to entice me.  I just sat there watching her suddenly afraid. 

“I’m not sure I can.” I said wrapping my arms around my knees.

It was one thing to have her suck and lick on me. It was another thing to go down on her.  What if I didn’t like the way she tasted. What if I could not please her?

I used to fantasize about making love with another woman.  I always imagined her licking my pussy and tasting me. I would always come after that and therefore the story never included me licking pussy myself. 

She raised herself up on her elbows and looked at me.  Her legs were spread wide and I could see that her pussy was soaking the sheets already.  I haven’t touched her and yet she was soaking wet. I realized that just eating my pussy turned her on so much.

That turned me. 

“You want to taste it first?” She asked. 

I was confused t to what she meant.

I watched her take two fingers and play with her clit a little bit.  Then she, not so gently, plunged those two fingers into her dripping wet hole.  She removed them completely covered in her fluid and held them out to me.

I just stared at them unable to move.  She rolled over and turned to me getting down on all fours.  We were face to face and I watched as she licked her fingers sucking on her own juices. She sucked on each finger sensually and seductively one by one. 

I watched her intently and suddenly I could feel my clit throbbing once more. 

She kissed me then swirling her tongue round mine.  I could taste her juices and my pussy started to weep.  She pulled back and looked at t me.  I knew right then I wanted to please her. 

“Lie down!” I commanded.

I knew I had better do it before fear took over me once again and I changed my mind. She smiled and resumed her position on her back.  I helped her part her chocolate thighs gently and I slowly bent down letting my tongue lead the way.  I knew that I could not walk way now.  Here was this beautiful woman and I knew that if I let my own fears and hang-ups affect my decision now I would always wonder, like I have been wondering my entire life. 

       When my tongue made first contact, my first thought was that it didn’t taste bad at all.  A moan escaped from her lips. That made me go further and lick her faster. The thought of actually pleasing her increased my self-confidence and I was eager to taste her cum. 

I continued to lick and suck focusing mainly on her clit.  I licked hard and fast hoping to make her come as hard as she made me cream all over myself. 

“No baby, go slow.” She said gripping the sheets on either side.

I obeyed and slowed up my pace willing to do whatever she said at the moment.  I let my tongue slowly lick and taste her sweetness. She was very sweet.

I was enjoying myself.  I could have licked her pussy forever. She began to moan louder and more frequent.  I could feel her body squirming underneath me. 

I knew she was close. She began to talk dirty to me.

“Oh baby you like this pussy don’t you?”

I assumed that was a rhetorical question seeing as I had a mouth full of her pussy.

“Mmmhmm, you like pussy. You know you like it. 

I could feel my pussy throbbing and I knew that I had to touch myself. 

I reached down and began to play with my clit.  I rubbed my clit and ate her pussy with a passionate fervor.  I felt the hardening of her clit.

“Oh yes, I m going to come!” She shrieked.

I licked her and decided to shove my tongue in her hole feeling her insides with my mouth.

That did the trick. I could feel her body start to convulse.

 Then she came squirting her juices all over my face.  The warm liquid shot out and covered my face and dripped down my breasts.

I jumped back watching her scream and moan and ejaculate her juice all over the bed. I had never seen this before.  Her juices continued to flow and left me speechless.

When she was done I could tell she was out of breath. Her breathing was jagged and she held her hand over her face.

I wiped my face off on the sheet and gazed at her. I was shocked and impressed.

She started to giggle.

“I guess I should have told you I’m squirter.”

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