My Erotic Marriage

I was ready for bed but my husband had other plans. He came out of the bathroom naked with his member at attention.

‘What are you doing?” I asked looking him up and down.

He approached me wrapping his arms around my waist placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“Umm, trying to get some of this.” He said grabbing and squeezing my ass.

I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I have a story I need to work on.” I protested.

He shook his head lifting me. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Consider this your break.”

He dropped me onto the bed and I bounced a little laughing at the same time. He slowly began to strip me removing my pants followed by my panties. When I was naked and my leg were spread in front of him I watched look at me licking his lips.

I knew what was coming and my body braced for the pleasure it was about to receive.  He dropped to his knees and I threw my head back as his head disappeared between my legs.

When his tongue made contact with my clit, I felt like I was melting. I felt like a sweet sticky candy bar melting in his mouth.

He ate my pussy and my body shook and I could not help but to release a moan from my lips.

“Oh Daddy!”

He continued to eat me until suddenly he stopped. I watched him as he sat up wiping my juices from his mouth. He stood up from the carpeted floor and just stared at me. he just stared at me stroking his large dick licking his lips.

It turned me on to watch him watch me.

Finally he ordered me off the bed.  I knew what he wanted. He wasn’t stroking his dick for no reason.

I got on all fours and opened my mouth. Forcefully he shoved his dick inside my warm and moist mouth. I was so wet I could feel myself leaking all over my thighs and my legs.

I sucked his cocked and let him fuck my mouth for awhile. He instinctively grabbed my head taking in fistfuls of my hair.

The moans escaping from his mouth had me so wet. He jerked my head back and pulled his dick from my mouth. He demanded that I stand and bend over, presenting my ass to him. I obeyed.  With his hand on my back holding me down, he entered me. My breath caught in my throat as it does every time his large dick enters my tight wet hole. Our bodies began to move together to a rhythm he set. My mind was cloudy and I could not do anything but enjoy the pleasure that I was feeling.

“Your pussy feels so good!” He exclaimed.

                He continued to make love to me taking it slow for awhile and then doing what I liked and fucking the shit out of me. On occasion I would notice him look down to admire his handy work. He pulled out and got back down determined to make me come in his mouth. I melted once again feeling my orgasm rising.  I rocked beneath him and I’m sure at times suffocating him. He took it like a pro though eating away.

                I came hard in his mouth crying out and then clasping my hand over my mouth remembering that we have kids sleeping in the next room. My orgasm was so strong I could feel tears spring to my eyes. He took advantage and while I was still riding my wave he mounted me fucking as hard and as rough as he knew how. I gripped the sheets s he pounded me determine to come as hard as I had. 

He came hard and sudden stroking me harder. He dropped down on my chest kissing me on the neck and running his hands through my hair. 

We stay like that for awhile.  Then he rises.

You can work now.” He said walking into the bathroom to clean up.

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