The Erotic Husband

(The husband sits looking at me)

Me: “What are you looking at?”
The husband: “You.”
Me: “Why?”
The husband: “Just wondering how long its gonna take you to jump on this dick.”

Me (smiling):” Why are you always so vulgar?”

He looks at me one eyebrow raised
The Husband: “Have you read one of your novels? I’m the vulgar one?”

Since I published my first erotic novel and began this blog, my friends and family have assumed that I am the kinky one, that I am the insatiably freaky one in our marriage.  I have been asked questions like: “Your husband let you write stuff like that?” “He lets you put that stuff in your blog?” or my favorite: “Does your husband know how freaky you are?

Yes, that was the funniest shit I had ever heard. Really? Really? You think he does not know how freaky I am?

I am almost certain that lying behind (or on top, or underneath) every kinky freaky wife, there is a kinky freaky husband and out marriage is no different.

Although I am freaky and kinky and now pretty open about my sexuality, I in no way shape or form can hold a candle to my husband. Trust me! When it comes to all things kinky and nasty, my husband is the boss around here (in more ways than one).

My very close acquaintances know that I wasn’t always this open about my sexuality. To be honest there really were very few people that really knew me. Yet, when my hubby met me he said he could tell that I had a very freaky side to me. That is one of the things that attracted him to me.

Before, I could talk (and write) a good game but was reluctant to walk the walk.  The husband on the other hand was always wiling and ready to get the party started.

I remember telling him that I was afraid to let go because I was afraid of what I would unleash. I was always afraid of what other people would think of me. He always told me it didn’t matter what other people thought of me. He told me to be as freaky as I wanted to be, he could handle it.

It was as if his words opened a door inside of me and I was able to just say fuck it and do what I want. I have just completely let loose. I have to give him credit.  He has been able to handle me and trust me that is no easy feat.

For all of you that enjoy this blog or my short stories. For all of you who had the pleasure to talk to me and have enjoyed my erotic confessions, you have my erotic husband to thank.

*Make sure you visit my blog on Wednesday when I reveal more sexy erotic secrets about myself!

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