The Foursome

Her eyes were what caught my eye.  I could not help but to stare as we all sat talking. I hope I was not making her feel as uncomfortable as I was feeling at the moment. Her husband’s arm was around her shoulders protectively as he made small talk with my husband.
I looked over at my husband and I sensed he was just as nervous as I was though he was able to keep up the conversation. 
This was the first time we had an encounter like this. It was a chance encounter that we thought would not happen for us in a million years.  We met them at a club. For some reason we were drawn to them and they were just as drawn to us. 
We ended up dancing and having a few drinks with them. We really enjoyed their company and exchanged numbers agreeing that we should meet up for drinks someday.
Well that day came and over drinks they shocked us by confessing that they wanted to have a foursome with us. Apparently they were swingers and really wanted to jump into bed with us. 
“My husband has always wanted to have sex with a black woman.” She said patting him on the knee. 
I looked over at my husband. There wasn’t really an expression there. I could not read what he was thinking.  I just sat silent as the conversation changed to something else. 
After dinner with the couple, my husband and I were up late into the night discussing what they had suggested. 
“Well, it is always something we wanted to do.”
I ran my fingers over my eyes. 
“I know, but that does not make me any less nervous.”
We discussed it some more and decided that we would regret it if we did not give it a shot.  We had always talked about doing it and we knew we might not ever get this opportunity again. It was not like we were going around trying to pick up other couples to fuck.
We called them and they were so excited. We all agreed to meet at a hotel located halfway between each of our residences. 
When we arrived they were already in the room enjoying a bottle of champagne.  They gave us both a glass and I quickly emptied my glass. I knew I was going to need some extra courage. 
After a few minutes she moved out of her husbands grasp and approached my husband.  She made the first move leaning down placing her lips on his.  When she pulled back she encouraged him to stand and led him over to the desk chair in the corner of the room. 
I was still very nervous and did not know how to begin.  It was so overwhelming. 
Finally her husband approached me and engaged me in a kiss.  When he pulled back I looked over to see her straddling my husband in the chair.  They were kissing and he had his hands firmly grasping her ample ass.
“See, they’re having fun.” He said grabbing my hand and pulling me over to the bed.
“Let’s have a little fun too.”
I was feeling some kind of emotion and I could not place it.  I eventually realized it was a million emotions all at once.  I was excited, scared, nervous, jealous, turned on and anxious at the same time.  He led me over to the bed and we both lowered down on it. We began to kiss as his hands caressed my breasts. 
 I kissed him but for some odd reason I could not find the nerve to touch him.  He sensed this grabbing my hand and placing it on his large and hard dick. 
On the other side of the room I heard the moans of my husband. I instinctively turned my head and saw her on her knees in front of my husband. She was sucking and stroking his hard dick. Jealousy raised its ugly head, but before I could act on my emotions her husband gently turned my face around to look at him.
He kissed me once again. 
Eventually, he rolled me over onto my back and began to pull down my skirt. I was a little apprehensive but I still didn’t stop him from removing all my clothes. 
When I was good and naked he began to undress himself.  I watched him undress and was rather surprised when I realized his naked body was making me wet. I thought the only man that would have this affect on my was my husband. 
I was so turned on by him.
He climbed back onto the bed and we began to kiss again.  His hands trailed over my body and I could feel my body heat up at his touch.  His fingers found my pussy and discovered that I was very wet. 
He began to play with my clit while his lips were still on mine.  I could not help it, I moaned into his mouth. 
His fingers continued to pleasure me easing their way between my folds penetrating me and causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.  At that moment I felt someone stroking my hair. That is when I realized my eyes were closed. I opened to see her naked stroking my hair with one hand and touching her pussy with the other.
“Can we join in?” She asked

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