One In Each opening: The Conclusion

    He placed a kiss on my lips.  It was soft and sensual but held a since of danger in the way his hand touched me throat as his tongue found mine.
    Then he instructed me to ride him.  I didn’t hesitate to climb onto his dick easing it in slowly so that I could feel every inch as it went inside of me.  I was so tight and he moaned in response as my pussy wall wrapped around his hard dick. 
    The other two men watched us until they just couldn’t watch any longer. Jeff stood and climbed on the bed.  I felt his hand on my back and he pushed down until I was chest to chest with my husband. 
    I knew what he wanted and pussy began to leak in response.  I felt more lube being applied to my asshole all the while my husband continued to fuck my pussy. 
    I felt his large dick feel my asshole once again. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before.  My pussy bounced on my husband’s dick as his best friend fucked my asshole. 
    My body, still weak from my orgasm, struggled to hold on as my holes my tight holes were fucked.  My moans were so loud I just knew the entire hotel has to hear my wails of passion. 
    Eventually, Mike wanted into the action.  He climbed on the bed and brought his dick close to my face.  He used the tip to press against my lips trying to coax me to open my mouth. 
    I opened my mouth ready and eager to have every hole filled on my body.  I knew that I was going to come again as Mike fucked my face.  Every nerve in my asshole was being touched and caressed by Jeff as he fucked me slapping my ass as he went along. 
    Mike pulled his dick from my mouth and instructed me to taste his balls.  I obeyed licking my saliva off his soft spongy balls.  He threw his head back and moaned.  I went back to sucking his dick as I felt my orgasm rising.
    My husband’s began to suck on my chocolate brown breasts as his dick banged inside my pussy hitting my G-spot. 
    Jeff began to moan sounding more like an animal instead of a human as he came hard inside my asshole.  He pumped me harder as he emptied himself inside of me.  he pulled out trying to catch his breath.
    Mike was next, gripping my hair and fucking my face until he came in my mouth.  I swallowed all he had to give. 
    To complete the night, I rode my husband hard wanting to feel him come inside of my pussy.  His hands gripped my ass and he fucked me bouncing me up and down. Jeff watched and occasionally smacked my ass adding more fuel to the fire. 
    Without warning I came and my husband followed filling my pussy with his warm cum.  I collapsed on him feeling tired and exhausted.  I just lay there safe and secure as he wrapped his arms around me. 
    I felt so fulfilled and satisfied.  My fantasy had come true and it was all due to the wonderful man that I loved.  With that thought, I leaned up and kissed him on the lips. 
    I felt Mike move over to where we were. He began to lick and kiss my ass cheeks.  I turned and looked at him.  He was kissing my body as he stroked his dick.  I rolled off my husband and looked over at Jeff.  He was stroking his dick. He was already hard and ready to go again.
    I looked at my husband and he smiled at me.
    “Did you really think we were done?” He asked.
    I lay back against the bed staring at the ceiling. As Mike crawled over to me and placed his mouth around a hard and erect nipple, I knew I was in for a long and fantastic night.


  1. We meant to leave a comment a couple days ago when this was first posted. In reality I think we were just so aroused by this story that it slipped our minds!

    What an incredibly powerful ending. Needless to say I am quite envious of all three lucky guys in this story, and Jill is envious of you!

    As always, you manage to convey the events of this story with such perfect, vivid detail. Incredibly erotic!



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