Top Ten Ways I love to Role Play

  1. Naughty School girl.
-My husband bought this outfit for me.  This one is his favorite.
  2. Naughty Nurse.
 -He always enjoys the sponge baths.
 3. Sexy Librarian
 -We actually like this one because the first time we kissed was in a library where I worked and the first time I got on my knees for him.
 4. The Strict Disciplinarian
 - He likes to spank me and punish me when I’m being bad. I’m always bad.

5. The Intruder.
 - He likes to take me when I least expect it.

6. The sexy Pool Boy
 - I especially like it when I get to take advantage of him.

7. The mean boss and the Naughty secretary.
 -There is trouble when I don’t file those papers correctly. Always end up with his dick in my mouth.

 8. The sexy Baker
-I always seem to make the dough rise.

9. The Slutty Sorority Girl.
 - I get paddled with my own paddle.

10. The teacher and the student.
 -I always have extra credit.

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