The Curse (or Blessing) of having Big Breasts

Me: “You keep staring at that ladies ass.”

Husband: “Well, it’s huge! I can’t take my eyes off it.”

Me: “You’re always staring at women with big asses.”

Husband: “Not always. Just when they are that big.” He said motioning toward the woman.

Me: “Are you saying you’re a butt man?”

Husband: (turning and looking at me with raising an eyebrow.) “Look at yourself. Do I look like an ass man?”


He had a point.  If anyone saw me they would definitely know that my hubby was a breast man.  They will notice that my breasts enter the room before the rest of me does. 

Big breasts run in my family and there was no way I was getting around getting them.

When I started to grow them in the second grade I was miserable and embarrassed.  There were not that many girls my age getting breasts at that time.  It didn’t get any easier for me when I reached nmiddle school and the boys’ hormones were raging and they could not get enough of the little girl in their class that had breasts like a porn star. 

I remember being in the 8th grade and a few boys came up to me to congratulate me.  I could not understand why they were congratulating me.  They finally explained that they took a vote and it was determined that I had the biggest breasts in the 8th grade.

I was so embarrassed and just wanted to crawl into a hole.

As I got older it was a little less embarrassing but it still caused some problems for me.  Whenever I would get dressed for school I had to fight to conceal the twins so that I would not look inappropriate.  For the longest time it played into my low self-esteem and I started dressing like a boy so that they would be less noticeable. 

By the time I entered college my mind set had changed a bit and I started to date feeling a little more confident about myself.  But not for long. When I met my husband at 18 he immediately took me off the market.  Apparently he was a breasts man and thought he had hit the jack pot.  According to him, not only was I smart, sweet, beautiful, a little freaky and talented, I had huge breasts!

I love my husband but he needs to know that having big breasts can be a blessing or a curse. 

Blessing: It’s not hard to look sexy.  Men notice you.

Curse: Men notice you too much.  There is a thin line between sexy and slutty and the pain in my upper back and shoulders because my frame is struggling to hold up these things.

Yes, they can be a blessing or a curse.

I have been seeing doctors trying to figure out if it would be best for me to have a reduction.  I have been struggling with back issues for a while now and would like to have some relief.

One of my friends thought that it was a cruel twist of fate that she is contemplating getting her breast enlarged and I am trying to get rid of mine.  We both wished that there was a way I could give her some of mine. 

My husband on the other hand of course does not like the idea of me reducing my breast size.  He spent a lot of time researching the process and ways I can get around having them reduced.  He has decided to make me do strength training to strengthen my back and shoulder muscles.

I didn’t believe that would work and I thought that it was rather selfish of him to disregard the pain that I am in so that he can keep his big breasted wife. 

However, he maybe on to something.  The strength training has been helping and I lost a few pounds in the process. 

So I will hold on a little longer and not have the surgery just yet. You don’t understand how happy that makes my husband.    




  1. Another thing having large breasts is that you're limited in what you can wear. Women with small breasts can wear tank tops & nobody thinks a thing of it. When you're large breasted and you wear the same, people think you're flaunting. Tops that don't show cleavage on modest breasted women, do on larger breasted women. One would have to wear a shapeless sack to not "flaunt."

    And conversely, when you want to look're limited there too. Most bras for large breasted women look orthopedic. Constructed for function rather than looks.

    1. Oh my goodness yes!!! I agree. I have the same issues. My dad used to say "Can you put on a different shirt!" I'm like "Umm no matter what I wear they ain"t getting no smaller!"

  2. I'd say that I love bigger breasts, but the truth is that I've never met a pair I didn't like. I've gotten to play with a variety of sizes and shapes and I love them all. I look forward to experiencing yours. ;)


    1. I can't wait until you get to have a taste of mine. I can't wait until you taste all of me. ;-)

    2. I can't wait for that either! And I can't wait until you return the favor!


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